Step Into My World…


Name: Akila or Aki

Religion: Jesus

Political view: Love

Age: Peter Pan

Relationship status: Single with a twist

Life ambition: To make an impact

Rational for reading my blog: I got fed up for walking the journey of life alone

Things I wanna do before I die: Too much

Things that inspire me: Everything

Most important life experience: My brother’s death

Most memorable happy days: Every time someone makes me feel wanted

What you need to know: Jesus loves you

Quote I live by: “Live”

Biggest fear: Being forgotten

Wanna know more: Read my blog

One response

  1. Anonymous

    You Wll NEVER be Forgotten Akila! YOU Are Wanted! You Are Amazing! And Such A Great Friend And Person!

    And Jesus Loves YOU!

    December 5, 2011 at 2:56 am

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