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Shower Shenanigans

So I was having this conversation with a friend from work about talking to ourselves in the shower. It really is quite random how we use the time in the shower to sing, talk or even dance around. Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone! I’m lucky I haven’t slipped and decked myself haha. My friend mentioned she does a lot of thinking in the shower which was soon followed by her asking the question “I wonder why the shower”.

I think it makes total sense. For many of us it’s the one place and the one time where we spend long enough to stop. No distractions… Unless you’ve stubbed your toes on the side of the shower as you were shaking your booty about and got soap in your eyes (nope? just me??). Ok, so limited distractions. It’s a place where it’s just you.

We think through our plan for the day, we think through situations with people, we reflect on our latest drams, we remember we forgot to buy milk, we have two or even multiple sided conversations with ourselves. Psychologically I can’t help but wonder if there’s something to do with warmth and water that makes us feel safe. Back to the future type situation with the shower and our mum’s womb. Hopefully the shower area allows us to feel slightly less claustrophobic.

I went through a stage when I was little of filling up large jags of water and throwing it at mum in the shower. I only remember doing it with cold water and it being winter. And I remember laughing my head of at it. When I was really little… like 3 and younger I remember me, Mike and dad would cover the shower plug on the ship with a flannel cloth and wallow in the water together. We called it “wallow wallow”. I still remember it. Mike must have only been like a year old. I remember bath times with Mike & Laura were we would cover the sides of the bath with soap, turn the shower on and make ourselves our own mini water slide. I remember all the times we would get into so much trouble for splashing so much water out onto the floor on the bathroom. And I remember that the shower was the place I fully and completely broke down for the first time after hearing Mike died. It was the first time I was alone… The first time I stopped. The first time I actually processed what was happening around me.

Yep, there are many things that happen in the shower.