Step Into My World…

Most Random Update

Life is so strange. I keep expressing in great depth how much I struggle not knowing what’s going on in my life… But then I see at random times, in even randomer ways, glimmers of the road my life is taking. My ability to make spontaneous choices and not stress about how it all fits together is slowly but surely gathering growing. Dad once told me that the next step is the most natural one… Well, a year ago I decided to start saving and last week I found myself in a bank talking about mortgages! I’m in no position to buy a house yet. But as a general statement my choices are leading me to places whether I realise it or not. I knew that in theory, it was nice to actually see that in reality. Still there are times where I think “Common God, what about me?” Actually I think like that daily!

Also, I’ve decided I’m fed up of hearing the church talk about sin. And how many times are we going to hear the same sermon over and over again? The lame man, the feeding of 5000, water to wine… Mark, Matthew, James… Why is no one talking about Micha or Revelations… You know I’ve never heard a sermon on Obadiah before! Why is that? I know talking about Revelations is hard, but why doesn’t anyone try? I get told to get out my comfort zone, common preachers… how about you get out yourself and tell me something I don’t know! To be perfectly honest, I am a sinner… but not all of us are walking around burdened down with sin. I can honestly say I don’t feel like I have any massive sin in my life… I do have big questions though. I do feel weighed down wanting to understand things. Why won’t anyone talk about that? And you know what the church struggles with the most I believe… is hospitality. I know for a fact that many of us KNOW how to act but bringing it into reality in the normal every day life. It doesn’t happen the way it should. It baffles me that people are so bad at this.

No idea why I’m ranting about any of this…

My curtains are still missing… I accidentally pulled the entire window frame off and out the wall that was holding up my curtains. Oops. And I’m still on holiday from work. That’s fairly awesome. Also, I’m fairly addicted to Bones at the moment. The TV show… not actual bones. On that note… I ‘ve decided I think I could be a vegetarian.

Oh and if you haven’t seen it… YOU GOTTA WATCH “FATHER OF LIGHTS” 🙂

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