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Akila’s Diary Pt 2.1


Following on from my previous installment of “Akila’s Diary” …

Tuesday 1st of May – Today I got my hair done. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. That and “Gosh am I a beach babe or what!” 😛 Nah but seriously, it’s funny getting my hair done now. It’s only costing me a 1/3 of what I usually pay as I’m getting it done at the hair/beauty college. And Kelly does it for me. So it’s always a good excuse to chat away for 3 hours 😛

Wednesday 2nd of May – Carla and I went for lunch during her break. I never really knew Carla very well until I started working with the youth at CYFA. She was friends with my sister and so she came to a couple of events Laura had on… hence the reason for knowing her. But the more time I spend with her the more of a laugh we seem to have. Anyways, this particular time we changed tables about 3 times because each time we sat down an even better one became available haha. There were two guys sitting to the right of the room and I’m pretty sure they thought we were fairly odd 😛

Thursday 3rd of May – I hate it when an adventure starts around midnight… I never know whether it falls under the date of the day before or the current day. It was about 11.59pm on Wednesday that Mile and I decided to go on a midnight adventure. It’s been two months since this actually happened and I have no idea why I was awake… but it’s me. I apparently never sleep 😛 Anyways… I’m guessing we spent a good part of the evening talking on the 2nd which led us to going off on our adventure in the early hours of the 3rd.

We didn’t have a destination in mind so this is what it looked like: our first stop was to the petrol station to fill up on fuel. Second stop was the castle which we got out… roamed around a little, Miles broke something… and we ran away. Third stop, which wasn’t really a stop, drive around for ages. We even drove to the airport at one stage. Fourth stop, Tescos for food. By which point it was 3.30am and we called it a night.

At some point I woke up and met Tessa for lunch. We just chilled and talked by the cathedral. It was a bit odd though… it was super warm but the wind was blasting cold air. Thanks England 😛

Friday 4th of May – For some reason Dad decided to take Laura and I out for supper. Mum and dad were house sitting a couple of miles away and Dad decided to come back to the city. No idea why mum didn’t. But we went for a drink and a nibble at the Thin White Duke. I love it in there. Dad’s been driving around this massive gangster car too. It’s quality! But Laura and I have been noticing a lot lately that people are generally quite pleasant. It’s so nice! Like we went to TWD and it was super busy, but this one couple gave up their table and chairs when we came and they sat else where. So cool 🙂

And then low and behold, I get home and within an hour another adventure has come up. Alex and I decided to go for a walk around 10pm so off we went for a stroll. Only he tells me, once we reach the parameter of town, that we’re going to watch his dad’s band play a one of the bars. Great, thanks Alex. Here I am with greasy hair, no makeup, clothes that were weeks old and just thrown on… He talked me into going in and the bouncer gave me a voucher for a free shot. Lol! Insult? I’ll take what I can get haha.

We hung around for a while in Casa and then headed over to hang out with Ericson. 3 hours later, a belly full of food and a few too many incriminating photos of the boys… Alex and I headed home. It was one of those nights where at 3.30am the night is so still and deathly cold. I think we ended up clinging to each other the whole walk home, we could see our own breath it was that cold?! And I made him walk me to my doorstep hahah. Sorry Alex, I didn’t feel like dying that night 😛 I couldn’t believe it… I’m pretty sure that was around the same time as one of the weekends we had snow! In May! Argh!

Saturday 5th of May – It was one of those evenings where Laura and I were in the mood to watch the sunset and take photos. The weather had been pretty cold for May but we were still getting decent evenings in terms of sunsets. We ended up calling Dan and us three headed over to Caldbeck. I think we spent a good two hours up there… it took a little while to remember how to get to the masts. But I’m so glad we did it because the view was ace! Dad had been down to London that week and pre-recorded a radio show. So we were gonna listen to it whilst we were up there but the station wasn’t local. Somehow in the course of the evening Dan decided to come back to ours and hang out. So once the sun went down we made the 10 mile trip home, stopping at his alone the way to pick up some stuff.

Laura and I decided to go on a mini adventure with Dan so we dropped his stuff off at ours and kidnapped him. We went to McDonald’s for ice cream lol!! SCORE! Hahah. Why not hey? Haha. The rest of the night was taken up with 4 hours of poker, rum and coke, and reading Songs of Solomon to Dan as a bedtime story. HAHAHAHA. We out grew the immaturity side quite quickly and ended up having a serious chat together about the whole deal with that book. 6am came and went, we said goodnight to Dan and I tucked Laura in. So I guess the later part of our adventures really came under date “Sunday 6th“.

Sunday 6th of May – I love it when the parents are away. It’s just so cool to be able to do whatever, like playing poker and talking all night and not being fearful of waking them up. At some point we said goodbye to Dan… I think. He didn’t have a car. Maybe I drove him home. That would make sence. I don’t recall him coming to church with us that evening. But having said that I don’t remember church at all that evening… I need more sleep. Too many sunrise bedtimes 😛

Monday 7th of May – Why oh why does the adventure start at stupid-o-clock? I don’t get it?! I love it and wouldn’t wanna change it but… why does it only happen late at night? Miles came over tonight, we sat at the kitchen table drinking and talking. We discovered the wine glasses the parents bought hold almost a full bottle of wine in each of them. I’m not gonna lie… I like these wine glasses 😛 I got to bed around 4am… Which was actually quite impressive as I managed to beat the sun and get to bed before it rose 😛