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Akila’s Diary Pt 1…


I know it’s been ages faithful blog followers… so I’m treating you to the chance to read my diary from these past 3 months 😛 Enjoy! 😀


Tuesday 3rd April – Set in the 1920s when the mob ran Chicago, alcohol was illegal and swing was dancing up a storm… 30 of us dressed up in our finery and played out our characters in a Murder Mystery dinner. Well, I didn’t. I MC-ed the event 😛 The youth group, their friends and I went all out for the dinner and totally decorated the main room at the parish with a stage, bar, lounge and photo shoot area. After weeks of preparation, organisation and practical work… it was WONDERFUL for me to see everyone getting into it. Scandal, murder, clues and bribery… I suppose it’s the one time such activities can be met with a blind eye 😛

Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th April – Some close family friends recently came over from America to visit and we’ve spent these past few days hanging out with them. A group of about 15 of us went for a super nice dinner and talked a lot about “Mysterious?” An event that the Michael Knight Trust is organising. We also checked out Drumlanrig Castle, Hadrian’s Wall and Lanercost. It never gets old to daydream about being a princess and living somewhere old or ancient haha 😛

Friday 13th April – The 100th year anniversary of Titanic was commemorated at mine tonight with a whole bunch of the youth, the movie, and too much popcorn. We also had a lot of pizza left over after the movie which would have gone to waste had a friend not come over around 11.50pm to help us! They couldn’t stay… but they did provide those of us still at mine with a short period of entertainment haha 😉 The night continued to go strong until Nicole and I finished it off with a 1 hour chat outside her house at 1am 😛 I love those moments.

Sunday 15th April – We had a social at youth tonight, which went well until I discovered I was left with 6 people needing a lift home and only 5 seats in my car. It’s a no brainer what I agreed to. With Ericson lying across the floor in the back, the girls in the backseat trying to work out where to put their legs, and me panicking that I would get pulled over by the cops… I made the 2 mile journey with a lot of mental self arse kicking. So not repeating THAT “too many people in my car journey” again :S Quote of the night, “Ericson if I yell ‘cop’ you’d better flatten your butt to that floor!” Getting Ericson out of the car ended up proving to be a bit of a mission as he was a bit squished into place haha. During the course of our miniature and partially illegal road trip, we made plans together for the following week… And oh my word would this be a fun week ahead!

Monday 16th April – I made a decision this morning to make a homemade Shepherd’s Pie for friend and his family. And it ended up being a full day’s project haha. By the time I went food shopping, made it and took it to them it was already 4pm! I tried to do the whole keeping it on the down low but I got caught by his mum haha… and invited in for a cuppa tea. It was worth getting caught 😛

Tuesday 17th April – My day and evening was planned to uneventful… until I got an email mid-afternoon and a phone call early evening. The email led to a guy friend from the youth group coming over for the evening to do his revision and the phone call was Laura asking me if I wanted to go out for “Teapot Tuesday.” Who was I to turn down these “kids” 😛 It was fun having Jeremy over although I think I freaked him out a little with how long it took me to get ready to go out 😛 Teapot Tuesday is held at one of our local clubs. If you take a mug before midnight it’s free entry and you can have your drinks served to you all night in teapots. Well! What a night it was!! AM-AZ-ING! Not gonna lie. I mean where do you start? About 6 of us went out that night; Ericson, Alex, Nicole, Abbi, Laura and I. We made friends with all these male students and when the boys found out how old I was they said, “Oh so you’re like the mother of this group?!” Excellent. They also spat all over me every time they spoke. I have to say, it was a bit of a relief to know I was going home still single at the end of it all haha 😛 The boys must have been onto something with the spitting thing because the group I originally went out with ended up doing spitting impressions from Titanic. Not only was my group amongst the first to arrive at the club, we were also the last to leave. We seriiiiiously danced the night away… dubstep and hiphop style. I bumped into Miles during the evening and as we were later leaving he started yelling to everyone around us “hot tub party!!!” I of course started yelling back “I don’t have a hot tub and I don’t live around here!!” I’m so glad no one tried following me home! Lol! Miles ended up coming back home with us and we sat up talking until 6am. Of course, as it happens, what happens in Concrete stays in Concrete 😛 Right Laura?! 😛 No seriously it’s fun my sister is now old enough to go out now 😀

Wednesday 18th April – As I mentioned, Miles went to bed around 6am, but what I didn’t say was I was now faced with a bit of a dilemma. You see, for every alcoholic drink I drank, I drank a coke after it. So come 6am I’m absolutely wide awake and only got to sleep around 8.40am! Sleep lasted about 3 hours because I was up again at 11.30am! Argh! Haha 🙂 Nicole, Abbi, Alex, Ericson, Laura and I proceeded with the day that we shall forever remember as “Bread Day“. We had decided on Sunday that we would be renaming Wednesday with the name Bread Day. Which also ment we would now need to find all the calendars in the world and burn them. On Bread Day… you make bread. Or at least try to. After 5 hours we eventually managed to produce something edible. Let me elaborate. Our bread looked a little like this… Along with other detours from the recipe, someone forgot to put the milk in the mix and so Alex rubbed it into the outside of the dough 😛

Thursday 19th April – The week’s antics continued with sleepover day. This morning I walked to the supermarket; bought 17kg of food and drinks; and walked over a mile home with it. I only knew it was 17g because I weighed it when I got home 😛 I felt like I could have entered an Iron Man competition haha. I made the house proper nice and even made everyone a fancy beds. Oh and I also put little signs on the doors indicating who’s sleeping where like on the ship! 😛 A bar was created in the kitchen and an Indian dinner was cooked up. The participants: Dan, Alex, Nicole, Abbi, Laura and I. Ericson joined us later… and he made a bloody giant entrance. I’m not sure I’ll ever stop using what happened against him haha. You see, we all ate this great meal, drank Pina Coladas, chilled together and then decided it was time for the jacuzzi. So everyone’s getting ready and Ericson shows up. Laura directs him up the stairs to his room… he puts his bag down and STAGE DIVES onto the bed… snapping it. I can only imagine what Dan thought from the bathroom when Laura and I screamed hahaha. As for Nicole and Abbi, Laura and I had just told them a ghost story involving a china doll so they thought we were being attacked by the doll when we screamed:P I think it’s safe to say the next 20 minutes saw Dan ad Ericson flat out on their stomachs under the bed trying to fix it… And Alex became the half naked guitarist. Actually, what was hysterical was as soon as Dan and Ericson “fixed” the snapped bed, Alex climbed onto his… which was a camp bed… and it collapsed hahahahaha! It was just one of those moments I thought to myself man… I WISH we lived in a reality tv show where this is all captured on film! Eventually we made it to the jacuzzi and later it was mojitos, kitchen table chats and 3pm movies. It was so great to hang out with Alex and Dan whilst the others talked to Josiah on skype. It was one of those moments where I was reminded of just how much I miss “adult” conversations. I love my youth group and it’s such a privilege to be involved with them… But sometimes it’s so nice to not feel like I have to “give” and to talk on a level that people in the conversation can relate to.

Friday 20th April – I discovered that men DO have normal stomachs. I assumed they were indeed biologically bottomless. 4 packs of 8 rashers of bacon and a million bread rolls… I think they did a good job! I sure there was some emotional blackmail from my side as some point haha 😛 “Guys you HAVE to eat this! I opened it/defrosted it/cooked it and it’s only me and Laura in the house!! We need you to eat this” 😛 Once everyone left that afternoon Alex stayed and hung out for a bit. I was super grateful he did. It’d been such a fun 24 hours and the thought of being alone again just me and Laura was a bit… I know this is silly… too lonely for me.

Sunday 23rd April – Something really funny happened today that involved me, Laura and Alex; a police van; and us ignoring a friend… that’s all I can say on my blog 😛

Friday 27th to Saturday 28th April – This weekend we had our youth weekend away… in our own city 😛 We made use of local offices to have our sessions; everyone slept over at mine… all 18 of them or something; we played a super fun night game in the park that involved, at one point, a certain someone trying to run down Laura at top speed; we went to laser quest; ate a stupid amount of food; had a BBQ; had great chats with friends; made heaps of memories…

Sunday 29th April – Youth was creative tonight. We gave everyone the chance to have space for 30 minutes. We had cushions to chill on; an art zone; and worship music playing… I actually really enjoyed it. It was weird to be all together yet on our own too… I kinda liked it.