Step Into My World…

Random Crack & Laces


Can I just say, insomnia sucks. So I’ve decided to kill time by blogging my random thoughts.

Let me start with this. Dad has always said he was an “all or nothing kinda guy.” I’ve always tried to tell him that doesn’t need to be the case. He is capable of finding a middle ground between the two. Now I think it’s just plain critical he learns this. Today he found out we’re using far too much heating… so he’s turned it OFF. Now I’m thinking that when I wake up tomorrow morning I’ll be able to see my breath. I even considered starting a sign up on my Facebook status to see who would be kind enough to share their body heat with me. Job description, “Pretend to be a teddy bear.”

This brings me to discuss my intense desire to jump around my room and try to breakdance at night. How did I get there from talking about heating? Well, dancing keeps you warm right? Quite logical trail of thought actually. But no, no… I took a different route of thinking. I thought “Teddy”, then “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”, then “music”, then dancing. I don’t know why but I’ve always struggled with my sleeping patterns… Often I find myself getting to the point of the only way I’m able to sleep is to pass out from exhaustion. So you can imagine my frustration that I seem to get a second wind in the evening and suddenly have all this energy. So of course I’m trying to think of all the things I can do at 11.30pm to get rid of this energy. And the only thing I can think of is to jump around my room and attempt to breakdance! The only problem is I just KNOW dad’s gonna come storming downstairs all like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Epic fail.

Talking about epic fails. I haven’t done anything too stupid today… in fact I think it’s been a relatively embaressment-free week. Coming to think about it… I can’t really think of the last stupid thing I did…

I played pool last night and was like “awwww I wish I had a pool table.” I need to find a friend who has one and hang out with them. Not cos they have a pool table. I’m not that abusive of friendships. I want to hang out with them because I value them (and the fact that they let me hangout with them and their pool table :P). Laura finished her exams yesterday so we went for a quiet drink in the afternoon. And we did, we had coca cola! We were with Cody who informed us that he hoped to see a mutual friend of ours so he could throw his Greggs at him. Did I say the mutual friend is in the police who would have been working when the hypothetical flying Geggs incident happened? Excellent! :S Maybe writing about someone thinking of “assaulting” a police officer is a crime. Oh well, SOMEHOW I’ll end up in trouble over this whether Cody chucks a Greggs or not. I might need to start working on my sprints to run away from our police friend 😛

My room smells of sour strawberry laces. I gotta stop eating them!! Tonight I watched this programme about parents spying on their kids whilst on holiday and it got me thinking how TV produce shows like that when there’s a lot of deceit involved. Isn’t the one of the major ethical issues to avoid? I’m quite looking forward to working and being paid to work.

Alright… that’s enough for now!


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