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21 Things…

Today I set out to do 21 things in honor of Mike’s 21st birthday. This is what I achieved… 😛

1- Made a list of the 21 things.

2- Promoted the Michael Knight Trust.

3- Wore my new top.

4- Talked to 9 people on Skype/FB/Phone.

5- Attempted to track down my sister.

6- Listened to HipHope/R&B from 1991 & decided I was born in the wrong year.

7- Went for a walk.

8- Met up with my sister.

9- Took her on a date to Starbucks.

10- Made people smile & laugh.

11- Experienced crazy generosity.

12- Witnessed a miracle.

13- Painted my nails & then with a paint brush wrote M on one and K on the other.

14- Ate dinner with my family, we had chicken in honor of the time I told Mike he was eating chicken boobies.

15- Played Beans as a family.

16- Took photos.

17- Made cookies with my sister.

18- Watched One Born Every Minute with my sister.

19- “Pranked” Dan with my sister.

20- Attempted to clean my room, it got as far as thinking about cleaning my room.

21- Updated my blog 😀 Ta-Da!!!!