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Road Trip!


So I went on a road trip to visit the family. It started on Saturday the 17th of December and I drove from Springwood to Toowoomba. The journey door to door was about 160km (100 miles) and took about two and a half hours. Part of the reason for that was I stopped off near Gatton to visit the “Big Red Elephant“… a person family tradition… and the other reason was because I kinda got lost. Oh and I went down a one way street the WRONG way! The one and only time Google map failed me. Not the one way street bit, just getting me lost in general. Whilst I was in Australia I didn’t have a GPS and did all my driving by checking out google map on the laptop before the journey, writing down the instructions and memorizing the roads. After about five calls to my Nana I made it to hers!

For most of us we will remember the January floods that happened in Queensland last year. Three quarters of the entire state were under water. Which is the equivalent of France, Germany and Spain being completely underwater. Here’s a photo of the Big Red Elephant when I went and check out this YouTube video that was taken during the floods. Quite bizarre!!!

I had a really lovely time in Toowomba. Saturday evening was spent talking to Nana and we watched a movie based on the book of Genesis which was quite interesting! The next day I spent part of the morning until midafternoon with my cousin Elisha, her husband and four kids. It’s always so nice to get to know my family a little more. It’s hard being so far away from them so there’s a lot I’ve missed out on or don’t know about their lives. That afternoon and evening I spent with my Auntie Mindy and her husband John. Auntie Mindy lives on a 3 acre piece of land and she’s in the middle of landscaping it all. I couldn’t get over how much she knew about plants! Oh and she also showed me a blue tongue lizard that had died a few days before from eating rat poisoning. Lovely! The drive back to Nana’s was really beautiful. We had to drive part of the way across the range and the stars could be seen so clearly. I hadn’t seen that many stars since the voyage to the Caribbean. It was a pity I didn’t stop and enjoy it for a while!

On Monday the 19th I was supposed to be on the road by 11am however when Nana and I went to check my tires that morning we found ourselves sitting in a garage waiting to be told the verdict on my apparent flat tire. When we checked them they were slightly low so we pumped them up but I wasn’t convinced about a “groove” in the front right wheel. So we checked it again and it’d gone done quite dramatically according to the pump. The manager was so nice at the garage and when he told us my wheel was fine he also told us that the costs for checking was on the house and to have a nice Christmas. So I finally hit the road to head up to Bundaberg around 12pm.

According to Google the journey was about 410km (255 miles) and since this was the longest drive I’ve ever done on my own, approximately 5 hours long, I decided to break up the journey. I was supposed to stop off at Moffetdale on the north side of Lake Barambah to check out the lake but once I started passing the south side of the lake it didn’t look too exciting and so I decided to just carry on to Goomeri and check out the “Cheese World” there. Apparently it was a tourist spot…

By the time I hit Goomeri I’d been on the road for about 3 and a half hours. A cappuccino and a sausage roll was more than necessary! So far I’d been passing through country towns and so civilisation didn’t seem to far away yet. However I was starting to come onto the parts of the highway where the towns got smaller and smaller and further and further apart. Most of the country towns felt as though you had step back in time a little! Here are some of the photos that I took at Goomeri! P.S. Goomeri is pronounced “goo-merry” and not “goo-mer-eee-nee” like I kept saying it 😛 The double “oo” makes almost a “ewwww” sound. Check out the “main street” in the last two of these three pictures!

Once I left Goomeri and kept heading north it very quickly became a road with a random house dotted here and there. It’s hard to describe the scenery. You often find yourself driving through flat lands with mountains in the horizon around you… almost like a circle. And then, you drive up over and through the mountains which are covered with trees and fairly rocky in places. Either way it’s really beautiful and before I knew it I’d arrived at Childers… about 40 minutes away from Bundaberg.

The last leg of the journey took twice as long as it should have. I ignored google map and tried being clever. Backfired… and I ended up getting to my cousin’s about 7.30pm. An hour and a half later than what I said it would take me to get from Toowomba with two stops!

Part two coming up… Keep and eye out for it! It’s hilarious!