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Science vs Religion?


My reason for coming to Australia was to work with the church, “River of Life“, on a couple of their projects. One of them being the development of a training and research center. The idea behind this being to equip Christians in understanding themselves, others, and God. This includes spiritual gifting, emotional intelligence, human behavior, relationships, economics, history, culture etc. Equipping Christians with a holistic knowledge of these key infrastructures empowers them to maximize their positions of influence to in turn positively empower society i.e. in education, politics, religion, arts etc.

The second week of being in Brisbane my church held a five day conference. We had a number of speakers but a key focus was on the “Seven Mountains” which was presented by Lance Wallnua. The whole concept of the seven mountains is what the church is basing its framework for the Research and Training Center on. Check him out. He’s quite interesting! There are many things I could share with you about the conference but there was one thing in particular that I thought was pretty cool… There are many debates about science and religion. What is more valuable? More credible? What if science proves the existence of God? Now those who are solely on the science bandwagon have some thinking to do! Anyways… I’m not writing this blog to answer this hundreds of years old debate… but, like I said, for me… I thought the following was pretty cool 🙂


Back in the day God told the Jews to keep the Sabbath holy. The Sabbath… the day of rest… remember, God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th??? Anyways, the Sabbath was from just before sunset on a Friday until just after sunset on Saturday (IST). Hold that piece of information.

In recent years science has discovered that inside the atom there are protons, neutrons and electrons, and these atoms are what make up the periodic table and effectively… the entire universe. The protons and neutrons are constantly moving. They never stop. Some spin upwards and others spin downwards. Every six days those that spin upwards change to spin downwards and those that spin down change to spin upwards. In other words, the “DNA” of a house brick will always stay the same but the “equation”, if you like, switches back and forth. For example, 1+2 and 2+1.

This change happens over a 24 hour period… and guess when that 24 hour period is? Scientists can prove that it is from approximately the time before sunset on Friday and just after sunset on a Saturday (IST). In other words…. The Sabbath! Whilst nothing changes in the appearance of those things around us i.e. a football still looks like a football; this switch causes an unstable environment. From approximately 6.30pm Friday until 6.30pm Saturday (IST) our whole universe goes through a period of unstable shifting at its very core. The very DNA of our world.

God gave the Jews a commandment to rest on the Sabbath. Why? We all understood it to be a “rule” if you like. We understood the value of rest but little did we know there was a greater reason. God IS science! He is the CREATOR! God knew, even before science could back it up, that whilst the world is shifting at it’s very core, anything could happen. Therefore does it not make sense to be spending quality time with our loved ones? This was never just about the value of rest. This was never just a “rule“. God had scientific reasons for telling us to make the Sabbath holy.

Pretty cool hey!!! 🙂


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