Step Into My World…



So what’s the latest that you can pray for in regards to me being in Australia?

Direction: My role here with the church is not what I thought it would be. It’s left me a bit confused and wondering why God has me here. Especially when I look at what I adjusted to be here. I’m a person who likes to “do” and so it’s not at all easy for me to just “be”. Please pray for peace and clarity for the coming months as well as what to do as of July.

Relationships: I love the people here at River of Life however there’s a large age gap and my group is missing: the 18-28 year olds. Since I’m spending all my time within the River of Life environment I feel pretty lonely. I’d really like to connect with others my own age; see my family more; and continue to grow my friendships with those at Youth and River of Life.

Church & Youth: While I have things to do to help out at church I don’t have anything specific to do or have a specific role. I’d really like get stuck into some “projects”. I enjoy what I’m doing now but I want to ‘give and grow’ so much more. Please pray that I continue to grow in wisdom and leadership when working with the youth. Please also pray for opportunities to develop these friendships at Youth.

Finances & Job: Before I left for Australia I was able to raise about 50% of what I needed for my year here. I will gladly accept any financial support!! However, what would be pretty awesome is to find a paid job where I can work within the Social Work profession (I miss it!!) and make some pretty cool friendships.

Home: Please pray I find a new home!!! Please also pray for peace as I struggle to feel settled or like I can give my all here when things seem to be so up in the air.

Growth: I’d really like to grow, both spiritually & in character. I don’t know how God intends for that to happen, but I would like to continue to develop my understanding of the bible, God’s heart, my spiritual gifting, how to live in surrender to Him; and to develop my trust in God and others.


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