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Archive for September 16, 2011

It’s Friday, Friday!


As I was thinking of what to title this blog… Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song came to mind haha. ARGH!!! So that’s what I called it 😛

Today has been good. I managed to fire off about 30 emails… YES!!! It was starting to become desperate! And I worked a little on my newsletter. Hopefully I’ll have that out and set to you all on Monday. I didn’t see any crazy Australian animals today however I did hear a male koala calling for a play mate 😛 Oh and we got 70,000 bees today. Excellent. I only need to be stung by ONE and now I have a 70,000% chance of being stung! Amazing! I can’t wait! Hahahaha. Jokes. It is quite cool. Andrew and Mia have been checking out chicken pens also as the chickens are coming soon. Oh and on Sunday Andrew has a gym being delivered. Woohoo!! No gym membership needed for me! 😀

I also got to drive an automatic today. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I sat frozen a few times when I had my foot on the brake because I was like “Ummmmmmm… how do I take it off without rolling?!” Hahaha. Oh and the indicators are on the other side so I kept putting the windscreen wipers on instead haha. Andrew was very supportive about my driving haha. I wonder if you can stall an automatic? I hope I don’t find out anytime soon haha. Andrew and Mia are so great. They’re so relaxed and it’s fun to have a random chat in the evening with them. At this point I usually have a cup of tea haha. Not too common in Australia apparently. OH and guess what I bought at the supermarket yesterday? CRUMPETS! They reminded me of England! 😀 I also found out the libraries let you loan dvds for free so I think that’s what I’m gonna do in order to rent out movies haha.

Youth tonight was good. We ate ice cream and watched a movie 🙂 I felt a little shy. I know!!! Me shy?! It’s true. I’m shy until the ice is broken. Then I make everyone my best friends haha. Weird hey. There’s no more youth for the next two weeks as it’s holidays however there’s a couple of youth leadership meetings so I’ll be tagging along to those. Will keep you posted! Right… it’s a long day for me tomorrow so I’m off!