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The Adventures of Day Two and Three

Hey Everyone!

Day two down and out. I struggled to get to sleep last night and finally went to bed at 3am… which meant I didn’t really respond very well to my alarm clock at 10.30am… I finally got out of bed around 11.30am. Oopsie 😛 Today I just went for a walk to the local shops. The area around where I’m living at the moment is really nice. Found a bunch of bargains for my new bedroom… I really wanted something to put all my jewelry in but everything was so expensive. So I got creative and found a really cool sugar pot for all my earings and a matching biscuit tray to put my bracelets and necklaces on. I’ll take a picture and show you… I thought it looked quite cool! Cost me less than £3!!

This evening I hung out with the family I’m staying with and talk to dad on Skype. Oh and I also updated my finances. If I stick to my budget I have about £4 ($6) to last me until Monday haha. Excellent! You know what… I’ve decided that Australia IS ridiculously expensive but actually there’s some decent stuff at great prices! I couldn’t ship over my perfume from England but I found a really nice smelling one that’s 100ml and only cost $5 or about £3.50!

I also heard some kinda cool news… You know how I’m looking for a part time job as well as my job with the church? Well apparently there’s some jobs within the Youth Justice going… the youth pastor (if you like) from my church is a Social Worker and is gonna look into it for me. Friday I’m gonna go to Youth at the church and meet all the young people. If it’s similar to 10 months ago, the youth are sort of between 14-19 years old. I could be totally wrong. But yea for now I’ll be edging my way into the church by taking on some youth stuff. I’ll let yu know what the deal is when and as I know.

Tomorrow my goal is to have sorted this Tax number thingy out. It’s looking like it’s going to require a trip into Brisbane City. I also found out that the bus stop to go into the City is literally right outside on my street. YEY! Honestly… I’m going to end up getting no exercise at this rate haha. Maybe tomorrow or Friday I might go for a little trek to Springwood Park and Daisy Hill Park. Oh and there’s a lake near by too.

Anyways… that’s me for today!


This wouldn’t upload last night so I’m continuing on day three’s adventures! Today was fairly good. After a better night’s sleep, 1am, I woke up much earlier than the day before, 8am. I went into Brisbane City this afternoon to sort out my Tax number. That will come to me within 28 days but maybe we can pray it comes a lot sooner so I can set up my bank account! Did you know that the banks here charge you a monthly rate for having a bank account?! What’s that all about?! So I’m doing my homework to find out a good bank to be with. I also went ahead and got my medicare sorted… I do have my travel insurance but I suppose it might be worth having medicare as a back up. Medicare is part of their health system here.

Today has been busy… although I’m not really sure what with. Just general day-to-day stuff really. As I was hanging up my washing on the line outside I saw a Kookaburra, and as I stood watching it another one joined… I think they were husband and wife 😛 Anyways… not much more to share for today. P.S. YES!! I really did take this photo!! 😀


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