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Hello Brisbane…


So I made it to Brisbane! Arrived here about 5am local time, which is 8pm British time. for the rest of the world… please feel free to google the time differences haha. I already know the time differences are going to be a bit of a pain in the bum for the likes of skype… try organising a play date when you’re 15 hours ahead of someone! Argh! Haha.

The flight was fairly non eventful. As it was only 4 hours long and there were no free movies, I decided to sleep. Painfully… but somewhat doable if I slept on the tray in front of me and used my jumper as a pillow. Sound bad? At least I didn’t use the shoulder of the person next to me and drool all over them like I did coming over to Australia. Oops.

My body is out of whack, my appetite, sleeping pattern, legs hurt, ear hurts, cough wont go away… I look the picture of golden sunshine right now 😛 My last few days in Perth were fun. I got to hang out with Michelle Hodge, Bethia and Fitzy on Friday; went to see “Wicked” saturday night… they were selling glasses with green flashing battery operated lights. You could buy the glass with an alcoholic slushy drink for $15 dollars, or the children’s slushy for $10. I asked for the children’s slushy… the bar man thought I was a little strange. Especially when my face lit up like an idiot who drank to much of that green fairy stuff out of “Moulin Rouge“… Honestly that stuff looks lethal. My green slush tasted bad but I was so excited about my glass! 😛 I’ve seen Wicked before but since a bunch of people were going, I decided to go with them. Was fun to see it again! Sunday was a bit of a chill day. Church, BBQ and then a hunt around looking at furniture… I really want my own house just so I can decorate it!!!! One day!!! One day!! Monday I hung out with Fitz and we ate a lot of Chinese. As you do right before you go on a plane and have to sit still for several hours.

In terms of saying goodbye to Perth it wasn’t what I expected. For some reason I’ve really grown attached to Western Australia. I knew that last time I was there but this time was a bit of a confirmation. This summer I’ve been here, there and everywhere; said a lot of goodbyes and hellos… and yet Perth has been the one place in a very long time where I’ve really not wanted to leave at all. The weather, the area, the beaches, the place, the people… I just keep telling myself it’s the most expensive and most isolated capital city in the world haha. That doesn’t really deter me from day dreaming about life on that side of the country.

But I’m here. in Brisbane. The grand tour of my new home started with being greeted by a Wallaby in the back garden; followed by an impressive introduction to the home-grown vegetables and home-grown fish. I know!!! Home grown fish?! That fertilise the veggies via their poo?! Here I drink rain water too. Believe me… I’m not in the jungle! Soon we’re adding chickens to the list of back garden adventures. I’m staying with the assistant pastor of our church here in Brisbane, his wife and two boys ages 3-5. They were rather excited today with the idea of me moving in and so not surprisingly they were rather energetic which was a little bit of a handful for poor Mia! Sorry Mia!! I’ll hide in my room!! 😛 The place I’m staying is pretty awesome. I’ll take some pictures and upload them soon. My room is at the back of the house and my window looks directly out towards the hills and the sunset. I have a ginormous tree in the way of the better part of the view (LOL!!!) but oh my days so happy as I think the sunset is my happiest moment of the day for me. I love watching them and I have so many memories that involve them.

So… what’s the plan? Well, this week is a bit of a chill and get my bearings week. I’m gonna be checking out the local area and getting to know where I’m living for the next while. Next week the church is having a massive conference so there’s a lot going on with that. The week after is when I shall “formally” join in with the church. I’m hoping to catch up with a few family and friends as well these next few days. Would be sweet to see them! There’s a few practical things I gotta do too. Like bank stuff and all that… so I’ll be working on sorting all those random things out too.

How am I feeling? Well… today was definitely the first time I got cold feet. That’s to be expected and so I’m not too worried. Keeping giving myself the prep talk… “Now Akila of course you’ll feel like this, it’s all new and you don’t have a routine but that’s ok… enjoy the slower pace of life for now and everything will fall right into place. Don’t worry about that!” Haha. As soon as I landed at Brisbane airport I was like “Oh no, what am I doing?” But it’s good. If in 6 months time I’m still clawing at my brain like “What have you done?” then I’ll think about that feeling of uncertainly a little more haha.

But if you could please pray I’d really appreciate it. For rest, peace, conviction, fun and for all the little practicalities to quickly fall into place (banking, tax number etc). Thank you so much everyone. Will write again soon!