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Archive for September 9, 2011

If You Couldn’t Fail?


Last night I meet up with a friend and in our conversation I put forward the following question. “What would you do if you couldn’t fail?”

In our lives we all have dreams, ambitions, goals, desires. Career, relationships, hobbies… As I explored the question I found myself saying, “Nothing. There isn’t anything I would do.” Funny isn’t it. Why isn’t there anything I would do? Well, I guess it takes the “unknown” out of the situation. And in some respects, that’s the whole point. The unknown in life is the journey we take to reach what we think we want. What’s the point of doing something if you know the outcome already? If we had a step plan for our lives there would be no need for passion, conviction, hope, personal growth. Would memories even be made? Moments seized? Probably not. We do and live our lives like robots because we are just told how to succeed or achieve.

Interesting isn’t it? Suddenly the pain and frustration of life, the confusion… it all becomes kinda beautiful.