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My Dream…

… – …

I was feeling really distressed. Like a film clip, I had just watched various life and relational situations dance before me.

Confusion. So much confusion in my heart and mind.

Confusion as to what was real. Or was it a sign of what was to come?

In my dream I knew I didn’t have to be apart of any of it. But my human emotions involved me.

A book was opened before me.

Not at the start, nor towards the end.

The beginning of a chapter. A page of swirling colours. Royal purple, blood red and snow white.

One word. The first word. Enlightening me of the chapter’s foundation.

Written in a sparkling and shimmering white.


I heard a voice read the words printed below this single word…

Illuminate Me

5th September 2011


In A Moment…

Hey Everyone!

So I’m back in Perth. The weather is picking up… thankfully haha. You would think that coming to Australia would mean I would be greeted with dazzling sunshine and snuggly warmth. Far from it. My hands have felt so frozen at times bhahaha. Anyways I’ve discussed the weather enough these days. Let’s move on.

I spent last week hanging out with Adam, from the ship, and his family. Got to talk to Adelaide on skype and hang out with Bethia on Saturday. Bethia was one of my closest girl friends on the ship and it’s always sooooo good to hang out with her. I love her to pieces. She’s just so real and really isn’t limited by the opinions of others. Sunday I went further south to a place called Bunbury to meet up with Fitzy’s sister. Again it was so lovely to see Kat and her husband Josh. She has such a lovely heart. she’s also about to give birth to her first child. Very exciting but she’s also feeling a little…. overwhelmed? She didn’t really sum it up in one word so I guess I’m putting words in her mouth. But all those who have had a child before will totally relate to some of her feelings and thoughts! that before your first child and birth feeling! 😛 Anyways… do say a little prayer for her! They don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl yet!! How cool!

The past few days have been spent doing about a million emails… ok not quite but it feels a little like it haha. Also, I had that moment where I realised I really was in a new country. Sarah and I were standing in the petrol station when she asked me to get her a bag of Twisties. I didn’t know what Twisties were and so asked her. Which made the guy behind us laugh. *Sighs*. I guess it was like asking what Pringles were haha. Maybe I should find an Australian Terminology Dictionary. Hhahahah.

Last night was a pretty fun evening. The couple Sarah and I are staying with invited two of theirs and Sarah’s friends over. Jess and Kieran. I meet them both last time I was here but didn’t really speak to them so it was really cool to get to know them a little more. Was just one of those fun evenings. We’ve made plans for Saturday for us all to go have dinner and then go see the show “Wicked“. I saw it in New York with Fitz but I loved it so much that I’m going again. Funny enough, everyone apart from Kieran have seen it before. That must say something about how good it is. When I get back to England I should go and see it again so that I can say I’ve seen it in three different countries haha.

Not long now until I head over to Brisbane. Sunday evening… Will actually be a little bit of a shame to leave this side of the country. I do like it here quite a bit and the people I’ve connected with are so cool. Between now and then all my evenings are gonna be spent hanging out with others which is cool. Also… I’m not looking forward to the humidity over in Brisbane haha. ARGH!! Live by a pool I reckon! Haha.

Anyways… here’s the latest song I love. DO listen to it. And turn the volume up COMPLETELY! At Teenstreet we would have “Shhhh Time” every day for 30 minutes. A time spent in silence to listen and talk to God. Then to signal the time had passed this song would come over the loud speakers. Since the area was designed to allow 4000 people to live there for a week, the speakers were so loud. Just such a cool song. I had such a great feeling every time this came on.