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In A Cold Cold Place…


Oh my days… firstly… Australia is freezing! Haha. And it’s been raining. I know, I know… they need it. But I don’t want it. Can’t win them all hey? šŸ˜›

So right now I’m Rockingham… which you can check out here … staying with the Gosen family. It’s been so cool catching up with them and getting to know the wider family more. Been checking out the local sites and hanging out. The past few days have been raining and the temperature is quite cold. Not so much for someone from England but since the houses hereĀ are built to lose heat… it gets cold haha.

I don’t really have too much to write about these days. Not very motivated if I’m honest. Or inspired. However I did read a really cool quote today…

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

I fell in love with this quote… especially when I looked at it from the perspective thatĀ the true princesses in the story find beauty and love in every thing, in every one, and in every situation. So I guess that means we have the choice to make every day of our lives a “fairy tale” šŸ™‚

Speaking of fairy tales. How am I feeling about Australia? Well. It feels natural that I’m here. As well as slightly weird and I can’t quite get my head around it. Seems like I was just here and nothing changedĀ sinceĀ I left. Even though it’s been 9 months. Also, I’m feeling quite emotionally detached at the moment. I haven’t really been missing home. But then again yesterday I worked out that for the past several Thursdays my life has looked like this…

Yesterday: Rockingham, Western Australia…. Last Thursday: Keswick, Cumbria…. The Thursday before: Holland…. The Thursday before that: Belgium…. The Thursday before that: Germany…. The Thursday before that: Leicester…

So effectively the past 5 and a bit weeks I haven’t been home and so this still feels like a holiday. I guess I’ll feel differently when I get to Brisbane and actually settle down for a year. If you can call it that.

Also, I’mĀ very aware at the fact that IĀ have no real clear-cutĀ plan or direction for Australia yet. Sure I’mĀ working with my church in Brisbane. But the finer details of my role are still to be explained; the part-timeĀ job still to be found; the new relationships still to be connected; and my purpose still to be discovered. My prayer at the moment is for a purposefulĀ time here. I don’t wanna do big things… just be apart of showing great love. As we have all picked up by now… IĀ have a desperately longing to walk life with others and so the thought of not having a solid friendship with anyone here yet is slightly overwhelming. Sure IĀ know lots of people, know lots of faces and call a lot of people friends. I don’t have that bond with any of them yet.

As IĀ explained today to a friend, this experience is very different to the ship. On the ship everyone is in it together. There are systems in place. Here… I’mĀ starting a new life from scratchĀ and in my own little world it’s only me doing it. Believe it or not… I’mĀ not that outgoing as you may think. The thought of forcing myself into the lives of others around me who were perfectly living happily without me in it in the first place… is slighty scary. It’s sort of like, “Hey… I’mĀ AkilaĀ I’mĀ new and the reason IĀ should be in your life is….” I’m still trying to fill in the rest of that sentence.

Things might be a little slow to start of with. IĀ have to fill in a tax number application thingy before IĀ can get a part-timeĀ job, and IĀ also need a bank account before IĀ can get a job but need something with name and billing address on it and so IĀ gotta wait for the tax number thing… that takes 4 weeks from when they get it. IĀ don’t get to BrisbaneĀ for another 10 days. I’mĀ not stressed or worried about it… I’m just literally living every day as it comes because there is nothing else for me to do right now. It’s a strange place to be in life.

Well…Ā IĀ guess that’s all there is at the moment to say. I’ll share more soon šŸ™‚