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It’s Friday, Friday!


As I was thinking of what to title this blog… Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song came to mind haha. ARGH!!! So that’s what I called it ūüėõ

Today has been good. I managed to fire off about¬†30 emails… YES!!! It was starting to become desperate! And I worked a little on my newsletter. Hopefully I’ll have that out and set to you all on Monday. I didn’t see any crazy Australian animals today however I did hear a male koala calling for a play mate ūüėõ Oh and we got 70,000 bees today. Excellent. I only need to be stung by¬†ONE and now¬†I have a 70,000% chance of being stung! Amazing! I can’t wait! Hahahaha. Jokes. It is quite cool. Andrew and Mia have been checking out chicken pens also as the chickens are coming soon. Oh and on Sunday Andrew has a gym being delivered. Woohoo!! No gym membership needed for me! ūüėÄ

I also got to drive an automatic today. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I sat frozen a few times when I had my foot on the brake because I was like “Ummmmmmm… how do I take it off without rolling?!” Hahaha. Oh and the indicators are on the other side so I kept putting the windscreen wipers on instead haha. Andrew was very supportive about my driving haha. I wonder if you can stall an automatic? I hope I don’t find out anytime soon haha. Andrew and Mia are so great. They’re so relaxed and it’s fun to have a random chat in the evening with them. At this point I usually have a cup of tea haha. Not too common in Australia apparently. OH and guess what I bought at the supermarket¬†yesterday? CRUMPETS! They reminded me of England! ūüėÄ I also found out the libraries let you loan dvds for free so I think that’s what I’m gonna do in order to rent out movies haha.

Youth tonight was good. We ate ice cream and watched a movie ūüôā I felt a little shy. I know!!! Me shy?! It’s true. I’m shy until the ice is broken. Then I make everyone my best friends haha. Weird hey. There’s no more youth for the next two weeks as it’s holidays however there’s a couple of youth leadership meetings so I’ll be tagging along to those. Will keep you posted! Right… it’s a long day for me tomorrow so I’m off!

The Adventures of Day Two and Three

Hey Everyone!

Day two down and out. I struggled to get to sleep last night and finally went to bed at 3am… which meant I didn’t really respond very well to my alarm clock at 10.30am… I finally got out of bed around 11.30am. Oopsie¬†ūüėõ Today I just went for a walk to the local shops. The area around where I’m living at the moment is really nice.¬†Found a bunch of bargains¬†for my new bedroom… I really wanted something to put all my jewelry in but everything was so expensive. So I got creative and found a really cool sugar pot for all my earings and a matching biscuit tray to put my bracelets¬†and necklaces on. I’ll take a picture and show you… I thought it looked quite cool! Cost me less than¬†¬£3!!

This evening I hung out with the family I’m staying with and talk to dad on Skype. Oh and I also updated my finances. If I stick to my budget I have about ¬£4 ($6) to last me until Monday haha. Excellent! You know what… I’ve decided that Australia IS ridiculously expensive but actually there’s some decent stuff at great prices! I couldn’t ship over my perfume from England but I found a really nice smelling one that’s 100ml and only cost $5 or about ¬£3.50!

I also heard some kinda cool news… You know how I’m looking for a part time job as well as my job with the church? Well apparently there’s some jobs within the Youth Justice going… the youth pastor (if you like) from my church is a Social Worker and is gonna look into it for me. Friday I’m gonna go to Youth at the church and meet all the young people. If it’s similar to 10 months ago, the youth are sort of between 14-19 years old. I could be totally wrong. But yea for now I’ll be edging my way into the church by taking on some youth stuff. I’ll let yu know what the deal is when and as I know.

Tomorrow my goal is to have sorted this Tax number thingy out. It’s looking like it’s going to require a trip into Brisbane City. I also found out that the bus stop to go into the City is literally right outside on my street. YEY! Honestly… I’m going to end up getting no exercise at this rate haha. Maybe tomorrow or Friday I might go for a little trek to Springwood Park and Daisy Hill Park. Oh and there’s a lake near by too.

Anyways… that’s me for today!


This wouldn’t upload last night so I’m continuing on day three’s adventures! Today was fairly good. After a better night’s sleep, 1am, I woke up much earlier than the day before, 8am. I went into Brisbane City this afternoon to sort out my Tax number. That will come to me within 28 days but maybe we can pray it comes a lot sooner so I can set up my bank account! Did you know that the banks here¬†charge you a monthly rate for¬†having a bank account?! What’s that all about?! So I’m doing my homework to find out a good bank to be with. I also went ahead and got my medicare sorted… I do have my travel insurance but I suppose it might be worth having medicare as a back up. Medicare is part of their health system here.

Today has been busy… although I’m not really sure what with. Just general day-to-day stuff really. As I was hanging up my washing on the line outside I saw a Kookaburra, and as I stood watching it another one joined… I think they were husband and wife ūüėõ Anyways… not much more to share for today. P.S. YES!! I really did take this photo!! ūüėÄ

Hello Brisbane…


So I made it to Brisbane! Arrived here about 5am local time, which is 8pm British time. for the rest of the world… please feel free to google the time differences haha. I already know the time differences are going to be a bit of a pain in the bum for the likes of skype… try organising a play date when¬†you’re 15 hours ahead of someone! Argh! Haha.

The flight was fairly non eventful. As it was only 4 hours long and there were no free movies, I decided to sleep. Painfully… but somewhat doable if I slept on the tray in front of me and used my jumper as a pillow. Sound bad? At least I didn’t use the shoulder of the person next to me and drool all over them like I did coming over to Australia. Oops.

My body is out of whack, my appetite, sleeping pattern, legs hurt, ear hurts, cough wont go away… I look the picture of golden sunshine right now ūüėõ My last few days in Perth were fun. I got to hang out with Michelle Hodge, Bethia¬†and Fitzy on Friday; went to see “Wicked” saturday night… they were selling glasses with green flashing battery operated lights. You could buy the glass with an alcoholic slushy drink for $15 dollars, or the children’s slushy for $10. I asked for the children’s slushy… the bar man thought I was a little strange. Especially when my face lit up like an idiot who drank to much of that green fairy stuff out of “Moulin Rouge“… Honestly that stuff looks lethal. My green slush tasted bad but I was so excited about my glass! ūüėõ I’ve seen Wicked before but since a bunch of people were going, I decided to go with them. Was fun to see it again! Sunday was a bit of a chill day. Church,¬†BBQ and then a hunt around looking at furniture… I really want my own house just so I can decorate it!!!! One day!!! One day!! Monday I hung out with Fitz and we ate a lot of Chinese. As you do right before you go on a plane and have to sit still for several hours.

In terms of saying goodbye to Perth it wasn’t what I expected. For some reason I’ve really grown attached to Western Australia. I knew that last time I was there but this time was a bit of a confirmation. This summer I’ve been here, there and everywhere; said a lot of goodbyes and hellos… and yet Perth has been the one place in a very long time where I’ve really not wanted to leave at all. The weather, the area, the beaches, the place, the people… I just keep telling myself it’s the most expensive and most isolated capital city in the world haha. That doesn’t really deter me from day dreaming about life on that side of the country.

But I’m here. in Brisbane. The grand tour of my new home started with being greeted by a Wallaby in the back garden; followed by an impressive introduction to the home-grown vegetables and home-grown fish. I know!!! Home grown fish?! That fertilise the veggies via their poo?! Here I drink rain water too. Believe me… I’m not in the jungle! Soon we’re adding chickens to the list of back garden¬†adventures. I’m staying¬†with the assistant pastor of our church here in Brisbane, his wife and two boys ages 3-5. They were rather excited today with the idea of me moving in and so not surprisingly they were rather energetic which was a little bit of a handful for poor Mia! Sorry Mia!! I’ll hide in my room!! ūüėõ The place I’m staying is pretty awesome. I’ll take some pictures and upload them soon. My room is at the back of the house and my window looks directly out towards the hills and the sunset. I have a ginormous tree in the way of the better part of the view (LOL!!!) but oh my days so happy as I think the sunset is my happiest moment of the day for me. I love watching them and I have so many memories that involve them.

So… what’s the plan? Well, this week is a bit of a chill and get my bearings week. I’m gonna be checking out the local area and getting to know where I’m living for the next while. Next week the church is having a massive conference so there’s a lot going on with that. The week after is when I shall “formally” join in with the church. I’m hoping to catch up with a few family and friends as well these next few days. Would be sweet to see them! There’s a few practical things I gotta do too. Like bank stuff and all that… so I’ll be working on sorting all those random things out too.

How am I¬†feeling? Well… today was definitely¬†the first time I¬†got cold feet. That’s to be expected and so I’m not too worried. Keeping giving¬†myself the prep talk… “Now Akila¬†of course you’ll feel like this, it’s all new and you don’t have a routine but that’s ok… enjoy the slower pace of life for now and everything will fall right into place. Don’t worry about that!” Haha. As soon as I landed at Brisbane airport I was like “Oh no, what am I doing?” But it’s good. If in 6 months time I’m still clawing at my brain like “What have you done?” then I’ll think about that feeling of uncertainly a little more haha.

But if you could please pray I’d¬†really appreciate it. For rest, peace, conviction, fun and for all the little practicalities to quickly fall into place (banking, tax number etc). Thank you so much everyone. Will write again soon!

If You Couldn’t Fail?


Last night I meet up with a friend and in our conversation I put forward the following question. “What would you do if you couldn’t fail?”

In our lives we all have dreams, ambitions, goals, desires. Career, relationships, hobbies… As I explored the question I found myself saying, “Nothing. There isn’t anything I would do.” Funny isn’t it. Why isn’t there anything I would do? Well, I guess it takes the “unknown” out of the situation. And in some respects, that’s the whole point. The unknown in life is the journey we take to reach what we think we want. What’s the point of doing something if you know the outcome already? If we had a step plan for our lives there would be no need for passion, conviction, hope, personal growth. Would memories even be made? Moments seized? Probably not. We do and live our lives like robots because we are just told how to succeed or achieve.

Interesting isn’t it? Suddenly the pain and frustration of life, the confusion… it all becomes kinda beautiful.

Inspiration Needed?


So as you may have gathered I like stalking people’s pictures. Surprise! However I have a bunch that have really challenged me. A little insight to the hurts and dreams of young people, young adults. Every picture symbolises something. There’s quite a number included in this blog. But I hope you find inspiration through them. Especially in regards to how you can pray for the youth of today.



Teenage Life
Shattered Dreams
Let Down
Rest and Stillness
Disappointment and Regret
Broken Hearts

My Dream…

… – …

I was feeling really distressed. Like a film clip, I had just watched various life and relational situations dance before me.

Confusion. So much confusion in my heart and mind.

Confusion as to what was real. Or was it a sign of what was to come?

In my dream I knew I didn’t have to be apart of any of it. But my human emotions involved me.

A book was opened before me.

Not at the start, nor towards the end.

The beginning of a chapter. A page of swirling colours. Royal purple, blood red and snow white.

One word. The first word. Enlightening me of the chapter’s foundation.

Written in a sparkling and shimmering white.


I heard a voice read the words printed below this single word…

Illuminate Me

5th September 2011

In A Moment…

Hey Everyone!

So I’m back in Perth. The weather is picking up… thankfully haha. You would think that coming to Australia would mean I would be greeted with dazzling sunshine and snuggly warmth. Far from it. My hands have felt so frozen at times bhahaha. Anyways I’ve discussed the weather enough these days. Let’s move on.

I spent last week hanging out with Adam, from the ship, and his family. Got to talk to Adelaide on skype¬†and hang out with Bethia¬†on Saturday. Bethia¬†was one of my closest girl friends on the ship and it’s always sooooo¬†good to hang out with her. I love her to pieces. She’s just so real and really isn’t limited by the opinions of others. Sunday I went further south to a place called Bunbury to meet up with Fitzy’s sister. Again it was so lovely to see Kat and her husband Josh. She has such a lovely heart. she’s also about to give birth to her first child. Very exciting but she’s also feeling a little…. overwhelmed? She didn’t really sum it up in one word so I guess I’m putting words in her mouth. But all those who have had a child before will totally relate to some of her feelings and thoughts! that before your first child¬†and birth feeling! ūüėõ Anyways… do say a little prayer for her! They don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl yet!! How cool!

The past few days have been spent doing about a million emails… ok not quite but it feels a little like it haha. Also, I had that moment where I realised I really was in a new country.¬†Sarah¬†and I were standing in the petrol station when she asked me to get her a bag of Twisties. I didn’t know what Twisties¬†were and so asked her. Which made the guy behind us laugh. *Sighs*. I guess it was like asking what Pringles¬†were haha. Maybe I should find an Australian Terminology Dictionary. Hhahahah.

Last night was a pretty fun evening. The couple Sarah and I are staying with invited two of theirs and Sarah’s friends over. Jess and Kieran. I meet them both last time I was here but didn’t really speak to them so it was really cool to get to know them a little more. Was just one of those fun evenings. We’ve made plans for Saturday for us all to go have dinner and then go see the show “Wicked“. I saw it in New York with Fitz but I loved it so much that I’m going again. Funny enough, everyone apart from Kieran have seen it before. That must say something about how good it is. When I get back to England I should go and see it again so that I can say I’ve seen it in three different countries haha.

Not long now until I head over to Brisbane. Sunday evening… Will actually be a little bit of a shame to leave this side of the country. I do like it here quite a bit and the people I’ve connected with are so cool. Between now and then all my evenings are¬†gonna be spent hanging out with others which is cool. Also… I’m not looking forward to the humidity over in Brisbane haha. ARGH!! Live by a pool I reckon! Haha.

Anyways… here’s the latest song I love. DO listen to it. And turn the volume up COMPLETELY! At Teenstreet we would have “Shhhh Time” every day for 30 minutes. A time spent in silence to listen and talk to God. Then to signal the time had passed this song would come over the loud speakers. Since the area was designed to allow 4000 people to live there for a week, the speakers were so loud. Just such a cool song. I had such a great feeling every time this came on.

Fresh Air…

In A Cold Cold Place…


Oh my days… firstly… Australia is freezing! Haha. And it’s been raining. I know, I know… they need it. But I don’t want it. Can’t win them all hey? ūüėõ

So right now I’m Rockingham… which you can check out here … staying with the Gosen family. It’s been so cool catching up with them and getting to know the wider family more. Been checking out the local sites and hanging out. The past few days have been raining and the temperature is quite cold. Not so much for someone from England but since the houses here¬†are built to lose heat… it gets cold haha.

I don’t really have too much to write about these days. Not very motivated if I’m honest. Or inspired. However I did read a really cool quote today…

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

I fell in love with this quote… especially when I looked at it from the perspective that¬†the true princesses in the story find beauty and love in every thing, in every one, and in every situation. So I guess that means we have the choice to make every day of our lives a “fairy tale” ūüôā

Speaking of fairy tales. How am I feeling about Australia? Well. It feels natural that I’m here. As well as slightly weird and I can’t quite get my head around it. Seems like I was just here and nothing changed¬†since¬†I left. Even though it’s been 9 months. Also, I’m feeling quite emotionally detached at the moment. I haven’t really been missing home. But then again yesterday I worked out that for the past several Thursdays my life has looked like this…

Yesterday: Rockingham, Western Australia…. Last Thursday: Keswick, Cumbria…. The Thursday before: Holland…. The Thursday before that: Belgium…. The Thursday before that: Germany…. The Thursday before that: Leicester…

So effectively the past 5 and a bit weeks I haven’t been home and so this still feels like a holiday. I guess I’ll feel differently when I get to Brisbane and actually settle down for a year. If you can call it that.

Also, I’m¬†very aware at the fact that I¬†have no real clear-cut¬†plan or direction for Australia yet. Sure I’m¬†working with my church in Brisbane. But the finer details of my role are still to be explained; the part-time¬†job still to be found; the new relationships still to be connected; and my purpose still to be discovered. My prayer at the moment is for a purposeful¬†time here. I don’t wanna do big things… just be apart of showing great love. As we have all picked up by now… I¬†have a desperately longing to walk life with others and so the thought of not having a solid friendship with anyone here yet is slightly overwhelming. Sure I¬†know lots of people, know lots of faces and call a lot of people friends. I don’t have that bond with any of them yet.

As I¬†explained today to a friend, this experience is very different to the ship. On the ship everyone is in it together. There are systems in place. Here… I’m¬†starting a new life from scratch¬†and in my own little world it’s only me doing it. Believe it or not… I’m¬†not that outgoing as you may think. The thought of forcing myself into the lives of others around me who were perfectly living happily without me in it in the first place… is slighty scary. It’s sort of like, “Hey… I’m¬†Akila¬†I’m¬†new and the reason I¬†should be in your life is….” I’m still trying to fill in the rest of that sentence.

Things might be a little slow to start of with. I¬†have to fill in a tax number application thingy before I¬†can get a part-time¬†job, and I¬†also need a bank account before I¬†can get a job but need something with name and billing address on it and so I¬†gotta wait for the tax number thing… that takes 4 weeks from when they get it. I¬†don’t get to Brisbane¬†for another 10 days. I’m¬†not stressed or worried about it… I’m just literally living every day as it comes because there is nothing else for me to do right now. It’s a strange place to be in life.

Well…¬†I¬†guess that’s all there is at the moment to say. I’ll share more soon ūüôā