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Assult & Aki the Forenstic Specialist!


Bit of a wild day today! Laura was assaulted and I turned into a forensic specialist! All those hours spent watching CSI and crime movies paid off! Let me start with my morning…

Well… I didn’t really see it haha. I slept most of it 😛 “And it was gooooood“. That’s biblical! Why does God say “And He saw that it was good” ??? Why didn’t he say “great” or “brilliant” or something with a little more emphasis. Good just sounds “blah“. A bit like when you say “Do I look ok?” and the person says “yea, it’s nice“. If someone tells me something is nice I automatically ask “what’s wrong with it?” If there wasn’t anything wrong with my outfit and it was amazing then the person would be like “woooaaaaahhhh awesome!!!” Ok, getting off track.

So yea, awesome sleep in. Then I talked on facebook to people; watched a movie… A Walk to Remember 😛 ; then went into town with Laura once she got in from school. What was supposed to be a quick trip to one of the shops turned into a bit of a date as we ended up having dinner at McDonald’s haha. On our way home we were having a bit of a giggle and I was looking at Laura (who was on my right) as I was talking to her. All of a sudden a milk bottle came flying from my left and hit her fully in the face. I was like “what the hell did someone just throw that at you?” and quickly turned around to see who threw it. Unfortunately the car with the person into was now too far away for me to the get the number plate but we did get a description. Poor Laura wasn’t injured but just quite shocked as she explained to me the guy in the passenger seat looked at her and aimed the bottle at her.

We were 5 minutes from home so we quickly went home and told mum what happened. Mum decided to report it to the police and whilst she was on the phone Laura and I decided we should have got the bottle for finger prints. So out came my forensic skills, I got an unused plastic sandwich bag and something to pick up the bottle without me touching it. We should have grabbed the bottle at the time… never mind.

Strangely enough the milk bottle disappeared from the “scene of the crime“. Laura and I looked up and down for it but couldn’t find it. After a little prayer to God to ask him to help us find it I decided to peered into the nearest bin… and there was a milk bottle. Right on top of everything, last thing to be put into the bin, exactly the same size, shape, colour etc. What were the chances? And it wasn’t a very busy street for that time of day. I couldn’t reach it using the instrument to pick it up so I looked at Laura and said, “I’m only doing this cos I love you“… then leaned in and put my whole arm in to get it. Now, it wasn’t a busy street… but busy enough so that everyone who saw would think “what a tramp!!!!”

Why was the bottle removed? I’m not sure… and it might not be the same bottle. There is that possibility. But it went missing off the street in a matter of 20 minutes which is quite odd; and so one way or another it was picked up. Was it a tree hugger cleaning the street? Did the idiots realise how stupid they were to throw thing at people and come back to get it because they’re finger prints were on there? Who knows. But it did provide a bit of drama for us this evening haha. As Laura said, she wasn’t hurt… but if someone is dumb enough to deliberately throw something at someone’s face, then for goodness sakes what else are they dumb enough to do? Sure the police have a lot to do… maybe not in Carlisle haha… but who does that?! The last thing we want is for someone to do something worse for another when we could possibly do something to sort it out now.

Anyways… that was my adventure for the day 🙂