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Oh Pants…

… The dream of Belgium Adventures have been dashed hahahah. GUTTED. I’m now flying on the 10th. Good news, if I fail my drivers test I might be able to do it before flying to Belgium… bad news, Laura and I are still working out our girlie holiday¬†ūüėõ


The Belguim Waffle Factory Drama


Guess what,¬†a series of disasters has turned out to have catastrophically created the greatest plan ever. Ok, I’m exaggerating but here’s what happened.

Two days ago I wrote about how Laura and I wanted to go away together somewhere fun, somewhere warm, and somewhere other than England. And as I explained money was a factor and so where a few other little random things. Anyways, last night dad told me he accidentally¬†booked a flight to Belgium for me two days earlier than when I was supposed to go. That wouldn’t have been too big an issue, however I get back from Germany late on the 6th; am speaking at a church in London on the 7th,¬†and flying out again on the 9th. So what the dilemma? Well, the plan was to fly on the 11th so I can book a second driving test if I fail the first between the 8th and the 10th… preferably the 10th. I could maybe do it later when I get back from Belgium and Holland¬†however we’re getting awfully close to when I leave for Australia.

So there I am, scratching my head wondering what to do about the plane ticket and wondering what I should do on my own in Belgium for two days. I would have a place to stay but the “town” is tiny! Bored! Very not worth it when you might need to do a driving test. As I was sharing this with a friend we got onto the subject of needing an adventure together before I go to Australia, and somehow we incorporated¬†the proposed adventure into my Belgium dilemma which turn into the following.

We’d go out partying all night, get lost, get kidnapped, get forced to work in a Belgium Waffle Factory where no one speaks English, try to draw attention to us else how by eating¬†all the waffles… which we just got into even more trouble for, and somehow we later get recused… which hasn’t been discussed yet. But my suggestion would be to be rescued¬†by the mafia after we flood¬†the factory with chocolate and try to sail out the top window in a rubbish bin. Apparently the mafia just happened to be¬†watching the Belgium Waffle Factory… and of course for no apparent reason.

More realistically, Laura this morning suggested she come with me to Belgium a few days early and we have our “girls holiday” in Brussels. Laura, you are a genius. As for the driving test, well… we will just have to keep praying I pass the first time. And if I don’t, then we’ll have to pray I get a date before Australia and pass in time. I heard a really awesome story yesterday from Sara who renewed her Swiss documents two weeks before she was to fly out of Brazil. She was going to England and with her Swiss passport she didn’t need all the visas that her Brazilian¬†one would need. The authorities said there was no way her passport/documents would be ready in time. But she kept calling them and at the very last moment on her way to the airport she discovered her Swiss documents were ready. Soooo… God does swoop in at the 11th hour. So, I have no reason to doubt I won’t pass my drivers test in time. Which by the way… I’m very encouraged with my driving as I can do all my maneuvers without hitting the pavement. YES! Now all I need to do is keep practicing and I’ll be fine ūüôā

Got to see Sam Harper and hang out with Sara Macy yesterday. So cool having her around in England. Sometimes I do love Carlisle. I know… I said it. But all the time there’s so many people passing through from the ships. Danielle and Sam get here soon too. YEY!