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Unavalible Mucus Holiday Driving…


Time for another update!

I’ve had a couple of driving lessons this week, and thankfully I’m getting the hang of parking into a bay. The reason why I’ve been struggling so much is for the test you need to do it in one motion. If you need to pull forward and straighten up before reversing back in… that’s a minor. However most people would do the later rather than one motion. So I’ve been trying to work out, if you’re reversing into a bay from the left… at what point do you start turning the wheel. I’m the kinda person who needs to understand the theory of something in order to put it to practice or understand it in practice. Trial and error just doesn’t work for me haha. Mum has finally told me something that works. However I need to keep practising it. Reversing into a bay from the right is a lot easier because you can just see the line. Reversing around a corner is the easiest at the moment. Three point turns are also fine but if you know English roads…. you’ll understand why I really hope they either don’t ask me at all to do it or they chose a wide road. In many places around here the roads are so narrow a turn in the road can easy be a 5 point turn or even a 7 point turn… and the pressure to not hit the curb, which would be an automatic fail… is just too high haha. I’m feeling a bit better now about my test though. I moved it from today to another date in two weeks time. It just gives me a little longer. Will keep you posted 🙂

I finally finished the loft… again. You’re right if you thought I already did the loft. I did. However, the list I made of everything that is up there was deleted off my computer when my computer was rewritten. So I had to go back up there and redo the list. The reason why I did the list was because (i) if I never need to ship stuff, it’s good to have a list of what was in the box; and (ii) if I need anything whilst I’m away then I can direct mum or dad to its exact location 😛 I’m very helpful aren’t I 😛 Thankfully unlike last time it didn’t take at all long to do. I think I spread it out over 4 days, whereas last time it took several weeks. But that was because I was sorting through LOADS of boxes throwing stuff away, selling other stuff and reboxing what I wanted. Oh and finding boxes. Always a mission! 😛

My room is being packed down. Today I should have the last of it done. Oh that just reminded me. I need more boxes. You’re right again if you’re thinking “but you’re not going for another 2 months.” However is I look at my diary at the moment then out of 65 days (now until the 27th of August), I’m unavailable for 41 of those days…. OH MY LIFE I’M UNAVALIBLE FOR 41 DAYS?! I knew I didn’t have very long to do everything I need to do…. but I didn’t realise it was only 14 days?! Two weeks!! Oh my worddddddd. What do I mean by unavailable? Well, I have a wedding, two camps, some events, visiting some friends, and I’ve “booked out” my last week home so I can be free to do stuff with the family and friends etc. So really in that sence my “unavailability” is actually I’m available hahahahaha.

Laura and I really want to do something together before I leave. We were hoping to go away for a couple of days however it’s not quite coming to plan as it all costs money. She has money and I don’t haha. Maybe I should tell her I’m her date 😛 Since we are going to be over in Europe for camp we were thinking about doing something over there… We kinda was hoping for some sun and maybe a beach if we were lucky… but definitely sun. We could do something in England but, again, it’s quite expensive. I know things don’t have to cost a lot but right now I have zero to spend on a holiday with the sis haha. I’m trying to convince her to come to Australia for two weeks 😛 There will be both sun and beaches hahaha. I’m sure we’ll think of something but if you have any ideas that would be great!! 😛

I don’t really have anything too big to share… lots of random little things happen throughout the day. But nothing too big. Hey, having said that, Laura’s been pretty sick for the past few weeks. She feels fine in her self however she’s had a very nasty mucus cough and she struggles to sleep at night as she gets quite wheezy. She’s been getting earache and headaches the past few days too. She went to the doctor but was told “antibiotics could make it worse” and wasn’t given anything. Today she’s taken the day off school. So if you could all pray. She’d be very grateful for it. And so would I… she’s all covered in germs right now 😛 No seriously, that’d be awesome 🙂