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Potentially Some Exciting News…


Ok, I have some potentially exciting news. I can’t really explain as of yet why or how… but I might be entitled to quite a considerable about of money. As it turns out I’ve not been receiving a payment that I had been getting for a long time. For no apparent reason it has stopped when technically and legally it shouldn’t have stopped. Quite exciting hey! Well, trying to not get excited because I have no idea what they’re going to say. However, it was very encouraging to stumble across this “mistake” and be reminded that God is good.

There are so many ways or things that God could use or do to help me make ends meet and raise money for Australia. I’m so focused on what I know and what I can’t do…. I’ve been trusting the skies to fill the ditches with water… and I’m not looking towards God. I’m not trusting that He can cause a spring of water to develop… or in this case, “make money appear“. I don’t believe in this prosperity gospel that others believe in. I don’t believe God wants us all to be rich financially. I do believe, and at times like now forget that I believe, God is faithful. He knows us humans are “restricted” by money and yet, He somehow still provides every single time. Either money comes in or He finds away to provide what you need without the use of money.

What I mean by He makes money appear… is sometimes money comes your way at just the right time. And I chose to think that is God in the mist of it all. For example, I once wanted to go home from university for a week. And I didn’t have the money. But exactly when I needed it to, I got a cheque in the post saying I paid too much for a water bill 6 months earlier and they were refunding me. Why didn’t I get that cheque at any other point during those 6 months? Maybe it was just coincidence… but, then again it could have been God 🙂

So yes… whilst I would be absolutely hopping with joy and excitement if I got this money… I think it’s yet another reminder that God promised to look after me, and He will. Having said that… I’m human and I’d still really like the money as well as the reminder!!! 😛 So, if I may somewhat cheekily ask, I’d be really grateful if you could please pray about this!! Please pray that if I really was legally entitled to this money all along that I would get it, but also that I wont be too sad if I don’t get it!! 😛 Thanks!! 😀