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Update, Good Stuff & Life in a Day…


Can’t believe it was only two days ago that I last wrote on here. It feels like so much longer.

Well, as always it feels like it’s been a topsy turvy 48 hours. Lots of tears over my driving haha. Do you know, I started my morning by crying…now that’s disturbing! LOL! I actually have to laugh at this because this isn’t like me to get upset over something, and especially not something like this. After a lot of talking and some “investigation” I’ve decided to change the date of my test. The big dilemma prior to this evening regarding this was I didn’t feel ready to take it, but knew if I rescheduled then the next avaliable date would be the 24th of July and should I fail the first time I wouldn’t have enough time before Australia to do it again. Well what do you know, maybe God met me in the middle because a date between now and the 24th of July has come up. So I took it. This now means I have an additional 18 days to practice AND I am likely to have time to do it again before Australia should I need to.

I know everyone has confidence issues with their driving. But I don’t feel confident because I still can’t do some of my manouvers. I literally, at this moment in time, can’t get the car bang in the middle of the two white lines when reversing into a parking bay. I’m always far close to one or the other edge. It’s not that I think I can’t do somethings, I KNOW I still can’t do somethings. Anyways… that’s taken a bit of pressure off his whole moving it to another date that’s closer than the 24th of July but still gives me another 2 weeks.

Today I realised something. I finally understand why I’m feeling so stressed at the moment. It’s because alot of stuff is up in the air. You’d think that would be SO obvious to me. But it wasn’t. I realised today that I need to make decisions. And today, thankfully, I feel like God has brought me to a day where decisions can be made. Simply because as of today I now have the information I didn’t have before. What a relief! I now know what I’m doing in between Teenstreet and MTO. I now know if and when I’m going down to Birmingham and Leicester to say goodbye to some of my closest friends.

I also know I have to make some sacrifices in some places, and I feel ok about that… it’s the not knowing which sacfricies need to be made and all the stumbling blindly forward that’s been hard. Like for example, Laura wants to go away with me before I leave for Australia. And I keep saying to her, “Well, until I’ve done my driving test I won’t know whether or not I’m coming back to England between Teenstreet and MTO, and if I am coming back then we need to go something in England and not Europe, but if I don’t come back to England and we do something in Europe then we ned to think where we’re going and how much money we need etc”… Since there’s many things at the moment that are like this it’s been hard. But like I said, I know so much more now and can start putting it all into a plan 🙂 God is good and prayer works!

Cool stuff from today: Drove around for 2 hours. Reservsing around corners and 3 point turn is good. Was invited to ARC for a missions focused service in August and think I’m speaking. Eak!!! Have no idea if it’s a short 3 minute thing or a bit longer or what… actually when I asked Pastor Peter he said I was singing!! ARGHHHHH! Forget THAT! But that’s quite exciting and a privledge! And don’t worry I’ll get God to give me happy, inspiring and motivating words rather than this ol’ mumble jumble on my blog these days 😛 I managed to write another letter… better than nothing. I’m suppose to be writing hand written letters to people at the moment. It’s getting there! Not too many more to do I don’t think. My room is still being packed down…oops. I think I moved one item today. Honestly, it’s like one of those army assult course things in my room! 😛 Jump here, dive there… You know I kinda have to throw myself onto the bed and roll side ways to miss boxes when I’m trying to walk down the length of the room hahahah. It doesn’t work when the cat is lying on my bed. Better than nothing right?

Now… last year, the world was asked to participate in making a film. A film about life in a day on Earth. Thousands of people submitted thousands of hours of footage from over 190 countries. This has been edited and made into a movie. A movie filmed by US, by YOU… Here’s the trailor. The movie comes out this year. I think it looks pretty good!