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Long awaited update! I know! I’m sorry! Things are a little crazy at the moment… which is great but busy too haha. Okies here we go…

Monday – I had a doctor’s appointment about my hair. Thankfully she took me seriously. For the past 5 months it’s been falling out very badly and so she booked me in to get blood tests. I can’t really remember too much of Monday… I know I started packing down my room also. Oh I remember! I went for a meeting regarding my new work placement. I’ll be working with a benefits consultant for 6 weeks. Pretty excited as he’s super specialised, does court cases all over the country and does a lot with and for the House of Lords! So cool!

Tuesday – I had a driving lesson. Driving is going GREAT! Thank you thank you thank you sooooooooooo much for your prayers! PLEASE keep them up! There has been a massive improvement in my driving and my driving instructor went from telling me I wasn’t ready to be mock tested to telling me he feels I’m ready in a matter of a week! YES! What an encouragement!

Wednesday – We went over to Newcastle for the day since we had to pic up dad late afternoon. I was able to drive all the way there and back. Approx 120 miles, 2 hours 30 min of driving, varied speeds from 20mph – 70 mph (32km – 113km), roundabouts, varied road types… not bad not bad! Plus I didn’t crash! YEY!

Thursday – Had my blood tests, spent the afternoon with Laura, and went out for driver with mum/dad and family friends.

Friday (today) – Had a major lazy day. Watched two movies before 2pm. Oops. Mike Hey is with us at the moment and tomorrow Leah comes over for the evening. YEY! Sooooo excited!

It doesn’t sound busy does it? But in between these random events I’ve either been up in the loft, packing up my room, writing letters, sorting random stuff out… It’s so crazy, I get into bed each night and think “Crap!!!!! I didn’t do x, y,z!!” 😦 I have a longgggg list of things I’m slowly working my way through. Hopefully I’ll get there sooner than later! 😛

Australia news. Well, my room is already set up in Australia apparently haha. EXCITED! I’m skyping with the assistant pastor in a few days so hopefully I’ll have more crack to share with you all 🙂 Fund raising is going really great. SO encouraged by the support of others. I’m feeling a little guilty because I have about 60 letters I’m trying to hand write and send in the post… I’ve done about half of them but still have quite a few to do. Some of them are thank yous and they’re taking a little longer than planned. I think tomorrow I’ll just get on and do the rest of them… Leah will just have to sleep in amongst the mess in my room 😛 But for the latest exciting news I’ll write a separate post.