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Twilight Skies…

I LOVE how it doesn’t get dark anymore. We’re up north far enough for it to stay “light” somewhere in the sky the whole time šŸ™‚ A true sign of summer šŸ˜›


Saunas & Work Placements


Today was one of those days when the alarm goes off, you hit it about a million times and get up 30 minutesĀ later than you’re suppose to. For some reason I was so tired, mustĀ have been the dreaming. It was fairly intense haha.

20 minutes to shower, get ready and eat before my two hourĀ driving lesson. Breakfast consisted of a small biscuit/cookie and half a glass of orange juice… big indicator for the dietĀ of the day haha. Driving went well. My maneuversĀ were a great improvement from the day before and my instructor even said he was confident he’d be able to mock me soon. YES! The prep talk I gave myself yesterday must have paid off. “Akila, you’re just going to HAVE TO hack this!” The biggest failure of the day was stalling, twice, on a steep hill. I couldn’t believe it. I never have a problem with hill starts. *Sighs*…but hey over all getting better! šŸ˜€

Got home and spent 40 minutes of my 70 minutes sun tanning. It was about time! This is the first day of the year that I’ve managed to be availableĀ to sit outside! Couldn’t pass up the chance. Sun lines were created within 5 minutes… that’sĀ how sun neglected my body was. Lunch was a soda and an ice cream. Told you my diet was gonna be epic. Then when it got to about 1.10pm I drove down to a meetingĀ in town about my employment. Thankfully they have a work placement for me. It’s unpaid… but then again with a lack of positive leads employment wise here, I’ll take anything and hey, it’s good for the CV šŸ™‚ One day I’ll be working for a Benefits Consultant as a PA/receptionist and another day I’ll be working with a youth centre. No sure what I’ll be doing there yet but it could literally be anything from reception work to mentoring to supervising sports activities. So hey, it’s all good and that’ll be for the next 6 weeks.

The walk home was nice, there are loadsĀ of people out in the park and on bikes. I love it when it warms up to 27 degrees C in England šŸ˜› Finally when I got home and got out the warm sunshine I went up in the loft for an hour and a half and DIED. It’s an actualĀ sauna up there and within minutes I was dripping with sweat. It was so gross haha. Luckily I found my fan and whilst it was warm air it was heaps better… still looked like a shiny gym fanatic when I climbed back down haha. Oh and then I had a snack… cheese dipped in raspberry jam. Told you… I have the best meals šŸ˜›

So all in all a good day šŸ™‚ Slightly tired… but happy my driving is coming together, the work placement is gonna be good, and I managed to get some stuff done on the loft šŸ™‚