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Check! & Driving Stories


My to do list… “Do everything on it.” Well, good news people I can now cross off my computer course! YES! Finally that’s over… 7 exams with an average of 95%. Ahhh what a relief after that nightmare degree and so much failure to know I’m not dumb after all haha. Phew!

So what’s next, well… tomorrow I have a meeting with my like “personal advisor” and we’ll be looking at how to improve my CV. One thing she wants me to do is some work experience in an Office using the stuff I’ve just learnt. Sounds good hey? I’m just going to have to try and work it around my other commitments at the moment. Primarily… driving. I hate driving. I actually hate it. What a headache haha. Nahhhh… it’s alright… I guess.

Great news I’m improving. Bad news my driving instructor doesn’t wanna mock test me yet. Having said that… he’s really super by the book which is great because I know that when he’s willing to mock test me he think I’m ready. So whilst it’s a pain it’s also good to have that confidence that when he thinks I’m ready I’ll be most likely very ready for a test that in England less than a third pass their test on the first time. He asked me if I’d do the test still if he didn’t think I was ready. I said yeah I would. Whilst I’d be out £62 which I just simply don’t have… the test would at least prep me for what to expect.

I was thinking today on the train. I’m gonna have to stop worrying about this drivers test. There is literally nothing more I can do other than what I’m doing already. Which is on average 2 hours of driving every day and this week it’s been more like 3 hours of driving each day. I can only practice as much as I can can’t I? And pray really hard that the driving examiner doesn’t black list me as a dangerous ready to cause death driver on the day of my test. Hmmm that’s pretty traumatic to just think about! Haha, don’t worry, I know it’s not a laughing matter. I’m just smiling because knowing me I’ll be so nervous I’ll just laugh myself stupid on the day. I get the giggles when I’m nervous. It’s soooooooo awkward.

Did I ever tell you the time I almost got beaten up and I couldn’t stop laughing. Yea, it was bad. Ok so I wasn’t the one that was gonna get beaten up, the guys I was with were being yelled at by a chick and her boyfriend, we were in Belfast… sorry but enough said. So I looked the other way, burst out laughing and started praying my arse off that God would prevent them from hearing me. What a way to provoke someone even more?! “Honestly I’m not laughing at you!!!” Yea right… goodbye my face as I know it 😛

Tomorrow, I have another 2 hours driving lesson… ok… here’s good news, I’m fairly alright at parallel parking…much better than reverse parking which apparently is easier and I can never do a 3 point turn without hitting the pavement when I’m with my instructor but with mum or dad I can. What is going on like?! Apparently I think too much about steering… interesting 😛 I wonder if I should let go of the steering wheel instead 😛 😛 😛 No… I like my instructor. ALOT. I’m so thankful to God that I have someone who’s such a great teacher, who’s honest and is calm with me! He’s been so generous with his time and support. If he ever reads this THANK YOU! And if his wife and kids read this THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SO MUCH OF YOUR DAD’S/HUSBANDS TIME!

Wanna know something awful… I clipped the roundabout today…OH MY LIFE WHO DOES THAT?! After this many hours how on earth did I do something that DUMB. My response to my instructor when I did it… “Oopsie, that would have been an epic fail!” 😛 No… it’s all going good. That was a one off stupid thing today. Most mistakes I’m making are little silly things that I know I shouldn’t do much don’t think at the time, like bring the clutch up too fast. Sighs… I’ll get there. I will… be an epic driving one day. I’m fast 😛 I can go round roundabouts in 5th without crashing or stalling. Ok… not something to be proud of, but that one WAS mum’s fault. She tried changing my gears for me.

Hmmm you know what… I should have a reality tv show where I’m filmed driving! It could be quite entertaining. Hmmmm. That’s not such a bad idea. I could film people driving to show good skills and bad choices. Starting with Laura haha. Awesome 😛

Okies so then the rest of tomorrow is a meeting about jobs and work experience; and then it’s up into the loft I go!