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Assult & Aki the Forenstic Specialist!


Bit of a wild day today! Laura was assaulted and I turned into a forensic specialist! All those hours spent watching CSI and crime movies paid off! Let me start with my morning…

Well… I didn’t really see it haha. I slept most of it 😛 “And it was gooooood“. That’s biblical! Why does God say “And He saw that it was good” ??? Why didn’t he say “great” or “brilliant” or something with a little more emphasis. Good just sounds “blah“. A bit like when you say “Do I look ok?” and the person says “yea, it’s nice“. If someone tells me something is nice I automatically ask “what’s wrong with it?” If there wasn’t anything wrong with my outfit and it was amazing then the person would be like “woooaaaaahhhh awesome!!!” Ok, getting off track.

So yea, awesome sleep in. Then I talked on facebook to people; watched a movie… A Walk to Remember 😛 ; then went into town with Laura once she got in from school. What was supposed to be a quick trip to one of the shops turned into a bit of a date as we ended up having dinner at McDonald’s haha. On our way home we were having a bit of a giggle and I was looking at Laura (who was on my right) as I was talking to her. All of a sudden a milk bottle came flying from my left and hit her fully in the face. I was like “what the hell did someone just throw that at you?” and quickly turned around to see who threw it. Unfortunately the car with the person into was now too far away for me to the get the number plate but we did get a description. Poor Laura wasn’t injured but just quite shocked as she explained to me the guy in the passenger seat looked at her and aimed the bottle at her.

We were 5 minutes from home so we quickly went home and told mum what happened. Mum decided to report it to the police and whilst she was on the phone Laura and I decided we should have got the bottle for finger prints. So out came my forensic skills, I got an unused plastic sandwich bag and something to pick up the bottle without me touching it. We should have grabbed the bottle at the time… never mind.

Strangely enough the milk bottle disappeared from the “scene of the crime“. Laura and I looked up and down for it but couldn’t find it. After a little prayer to God to ask him to help us find it I decided to peered into the nearest bin… and there was a milk bottle. Right on top of everything, last thing to be put into the bin, exactly the same size, shape, colour etc. What were the chances? And it wasn’t a very busy street for that time of day. I couldn’t reach it using the instrument to pick it up so I looked at Laura and said, “I’m only doing this cos I love you“… then leaned in and put my whole arm in to get it. Now, it wasn’t a busy street… but busy enough so that everyone who saw would think “what a tramp!!!!”

Why was the bottle removed? I’m not sure… and it might not be the same bottle. There is that possibility. But it went missing off the street in a matter of 20 minutes which is quite odd; and so one way or another it was picked up. Was it a tree hugger cleaning the street? Did the idiots realise how stupid they were to throw thing at people and come back to get it because they’re finger prints were on there? Who knows. But it did provide a bit of drama for us this evening haha. As Laura said, she wasn’t hurt… but if someone is dumb enough to deliberately throw something at someone’s face, then for goodness sakes what else are they dumb enough to do? Sure the police have a lot to do… maybe not in Carlisle haha… but who does that?! The last thing we want is for someone to do something worse for another when we could possibly do something to sort it out now.

Anyways… that was my adventure for the day 🙂

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Oh Pants…

… The dream of Belgium Adventures have been dashed hahahah. GUTTED. I’m now flying on the 10th. Good news, if I fail my drivers test I might be able to do it before flying to Belgium… bad news, Laura and I are still working out our girlie holiday 😛

The Belguim Waffle Factory Drama


Guess what, a series of disasters has turned out to have catastrophically created the greatest plan ever. Ok, I’m exaggerating but here’s what happened.

Two days ago I wrote about how Laura and I wanted to go away together somewhere fun, somewhere warm, and somewhere other than England. And as I explained money was a factor and so where a few other little random things. Anyways, last night dad told me he accidentally booked a flight to Belgium for me two days earlier than when I was supposed to go. That wouldn’t have been too big an issue, however I get back from Germany late on the 6th; am speaking at a church in London on the 7th, and flying out again on the 9th. So what the dilemma? Well, the plan was to fly on the 11th so I can book a second driving test if I fail the first between the 8th and the 10th… preferably the 10th. I could maybe do it later when I get back from Belgium and Holland however we’re getting awfully close to when I leave for Australia.

So there I am, scratching my head wondering what to do about the plane ticket and wondering what I should do on my own in Belgium for two days. I would have a place to stay but the “town” is tiny! Bored! Very not worth it when you might need to do a driving test. As I was sharing this with a friend we got onto the subject of needing an adventure together before I go to Australia, and somehow we incorporated the proposed adventure into my Belgium dilemma which turn into the following.

We’d go out partying all night, get lost, get kidnapped, get forced to work in a Belgium Waffle Factory where no one speaks English, try to draw attention to us else how by eating all the waffles… which we just got into even more trouble for, and somehow we later get recused… which hasn’t been discussed yet. But my suggestion would be to be rescued by the mafia after we flood the factory with chocolate and try to sail out the top window in a rubbish bin. Apparently the mafia just happened to be watching the Belgium Waffle Factory… and of course for no apparent reason.

More realistically, Laura this morning suggested she come with me to Belgium a few days early and we have our “girls holiday” in Brussels. Laura, you are a genius. As for the driving test, well… we will just have to keep praying I pass the first time. And if I don’t, then we’ll have to pray I get a date before Australia and pass in time. I heard a really awesome story yesterday from Sara who renewed her Swiss documents two weeks before she was to fly out of Brazil. She was going to England and with her Swiss passport she didn’t need all the visas that her Brazilian one would need. The authorities said there was no way her passport/documents would be ready in time. But she kept calling them and at the very last moment on her way to the airport she discovered her Swiss documents were ready. Soooo… God does swoop in at the 11th hour. So, I have no reason to doubt I won’t pass my drivers test in time. Which by the way… I’m very encouraged with my driving as I can do all my maneuvers without hitting the pavement. YES! Now all I need to do is keep practicing and I’ll be fine 🙂

Got to see Sam Harper and hang out with Sara Macy yesterday. So cool having her around in England. Sometimes I do love Carlisle. I know… I said it. But all the time there’s so many people passing through from the ships. Danielle and Sam get here soon too. YEY!

Unavalible Mucus Holiday Driving…


Time for another update!

I’ve had a couple of driving lessons this week, and thankfully I’m getting the hang of parking into a bay. The reason why I’ve been struggling so much is for the test you need to do it in one motion. If you need to pull forward and straighten up before reversing back in… that’s a minor. However most people would do the later rather than one motion. So I’ve been trying to work out, if you’re reversing into a bay from the left… at what point do you start turning the wheel. I’m the kinda person who needs to understand the theory of something in order to put it to practice or understand it in practice. Trial and error just doesn’t work for me haha. Mum has finally told me something that works. However I need to keep practising it. Reversing into a bay from the right is a lot easier because you can just see the line. Reversing around a corner is the easiest at the moment. Three point turns are also fine but if you know English roads…. you’ll understand why I really hope they either don’t ask me at all to do it or they chose a wide road. In many places around here the roads are so narrow a turn in the road can easy be a 5 point turn or even a 7 point turn… and the pressure to not hit the curb, which would be an automatic fail… is just too high haha. I’m feeling a bit better now about my test though. I moved it from today to another date in two weeks time. It just gives me a little longer. Will keep you posted 🙂

I finally finished the loft… again. You’re right if you thought I already did the loft. I did. However, the list I made of everything that is up there was deleted off my computer when my computer was rewritten. So I had to go back up there and redo the list. The reason why I did the list was because (i) if I never need to ship stuff, it’s good to have a list of what was in the box; and (ii) if I need anything whilst I’m away then I can direct mum or dad to its exact location 😛 I’m very helpful aren’t I 😛 Thankfully unlike last time it didn’t take at all long to do. I think I spread it out over 4 days, whereas last time it took several weeks. But that was because I was sorting through LOADS of boxes throwing stuff away, selling other stuff and reboxing what I wanted. Oh and finding boxes. Always a mission! 😛

My room is being packed down. Today I should have the last of it done. Oh that just reminded me. I need more boxes. You’re right again if you’re thinking “but you’re not going for another 2 months.” However is I look at my diary at the moment then out of 65 days (now until the 27th of August), I’m unavailable for 41 of those days…. OH MY LIFE I’M UNAVALIBLE FOR 41 DAYS?! I knew I didn’t have very long to do everything I need to do…. but I didn’t realise it was only 14 days?! Two weeks!! Oh my worddddddd. What do I mean by unavailable? Well, I have a wedding, two camps, some events, visiting some friends, and I’ve “booked out” my last week home so I can be free to do stuff with the family and friends etc. So really in that sence my “unavailability” is actually I’m available hahahahaha.

Laura and I really want to do something together before I leave. We were hoping to go away for a couple of days however it’s not quite coming to plan as it all costs money. She has money and I don’t haha. Maybe I should tell her I’m her date 😛 Since we are going to be over in Europe for camp we were thinking about doing something over there… We kinda was hoping for some sun and maybe a beach if we were lucky… but definitely sun. We could do something in England but, again, it’s quite expensive. I know things don’t have to cost a lot but right now I have zero to spend on a holiday with the sis haha. I’m trying to convince her to come to Australia for two weeks 😛 There will be both sun and beaches hahaha. I’m sure we’ll think of something but if you have any ideas that would be great!! 😛

I don’t really have anything too big to share… lots of random little things happen throughout the day. But nothing too big. Hey, having said that, Laura’s been pretty sick for the past few weeks. She feels fine in her self however she’s had a very nasty mucus cough and she struggles to sleep at night as she gets quite wheezy. She’s been getting earache and headaches the past few days too. She went to the doctor but was told “antibiotics could make it worse” and wasn’t given anything. Today she’s taken the day off school. So if you could all pray. She’d be very grateful for it. And so would I… she’s all covered in germs right now 😛 No seriously, that’d be awesome 🙂

Potentially Some Exciting News…


Ok, I have some potentially exciting news. I can’t really explain as of yet why or how… but I might be entitled to quite a considerable about of money. As it turns out I’ve not been receiving a payment that I had been getting for a long time. For no apparent reason it has stopped when technically and legally it shouldn’t have stopped. Quite exciting hey! Well, trying to not get excited because I have no idea what they’re going to say. However, it was very encouraging to stumble across this “mistake” and be reminded that God is good.

There are so many ways or things that God could use or do to help me make ends meet and raise money for Australia. I’m so focused on what I know and what I can’t do…. I’ve been trusting the skies to fill the ditches with water… and I’m not looking towards God. I’m not trusting that He can cause a spring of water to develop… or in this case, “make money appear“. I don’t believe in this prosperity gospel that others believe in. I don’t believe God wants us all to be rich financially. I do believe, and at times like now forget that I believe, God is faithful. He knows us humans are “restricted” by money and yet, He somehow still provides every single time. Either money comes in or He finds away to provide what you need without the use of money.

What I mean by He makes money appear… is sometimes money comes your way at just the right time. And I chose to think that is God in the mist of it all. For example, I once wanted to go home from university for a week. And I didn’t have the money. But exactly when I needed it to, I got a cheque in the post saying I paid too much for a water bill 6 months earlier and they were refunding me. Why didn’t I get that cheque at any other point during those 6 months? Maybe it was just coincidence… but, then again it could have been God 🙂

So yes… whilst I would be absolutely hopping with joy and excitement if I got this money… I think it’s yet another reminder that God promised to look after me, and He will. Having said that… I’m human and I’d still really like the money as well as the reminder!!! 😛 So, if I may somewhat cheekily ask, I’d be really grateful if you could please pray about this!! Please pray that if I really was legally entitled to this money all along that I would get it, but also that I wont be too sad if I don’t get it!! 😛 Thanks!! 😀

I Got My First Car!!!!!!!


Today was a good day. It was just one of those days that you think…”uh, this was interesting.” So, it all started with a ridiculous lie in. I managed to roll outta bed around 11am…ARGH?! I seriously can’t remember the last time I did that.I’m sure it wasn’t more than a couple of months but in young person’s terms that’s just AMAZING 😛 Mum and I then headed into town to meet up with Laura… not before an awesome breakfast. A biscuit. You know, if I start my days like that I just KNOW the rest of the day is going to be epically unhealthy 😛 More proof that I’m still “a kid“.

I learnt something today that made me decide I’m a bit dumb sometimes…. a bit like I only worked out this year what “yellow snow” was and why people say “don’t eat yellow snow.” It’s cos it’s pee right?! I have no idea how or why but it suddenly occurred to me that this was what it was…. you’re gonna tell me I’m wrong aren’t you?

Anyways, back on track, Laura and I were hunting for a father’s day gift and we thought of one thing but couldn’t find what we wanted. This was like a week ago. But today, quite randomly we literally stumbled on the item in a shop! We couldn’t believe it because I’ve never been to that section of the shop before, we stopped to look at one thing, moved our eyes further along the shelf and it was right there!

Driving was ok today… still learning, still getting there. But a family friend offered to help take me driving which is awesome!!! I do have people to help me already but it’s all very dependant on their schedule. So to have another person to help is just great! Even if it’s just for a little bit! Sooo thankful! this evening I when to a BBQ. It rained a little… But what’s a BBQ in England without rain right?! 😛 Anyways it was at the BBQ where I was given my first car!!!!!!!!! A BMW Z3!!!! I’ve ALWAYS said my first car will be a convertible and it was literally handed right to me! 😛 Hhahahah, it came with the comment that I was to put it in my car when I pass my test 😛 Also tonight, we watched “A Time To Kill“. It’s the movie version of John Grisham’s novel. It was intense but pretty wow. I’d recommend it!

Tomorrow we’re celebrating father’s day a little earlier and I’m just gonna be going through my to do list 🙂 Fun times. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers everyone. It was nice to have a full positive day today 🙂

Look Daddy I parked between the lines!