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I know it’s been weeks since I’ve update this but I’ve had two good reasons for not doing so. Firstly, I have a lot to share but can’t share. Secondly, I haven’t really had a burning desire to blog. That’s all I can share haha. But here’s a brief update so you don’t think I’ve dropped off the face of the planet…

* In my last blog I was in Brisbane. It was heaps fun and I went back to Perth on the 8th of November.

* Between the 8th and the 22nd I stayed with Fitzy and his family in Perth.

* I had an epic time with Fitz. Like, a REALLY epic time.

* Yes he and I are still great friends.

* I arrived back to England on the 23rd.

* I hit the ground running.

* In other words I landed in Newcastle at 8.15am and I was in town applying for jobs at approximately 3.45pm.

* This was after 30+ hours of travelling, not great sleep, dodgy aeroplane food etc.

* Oh yea, there was a guy sitting next to me on the plane… I think I used his shoulder as a pillow… he wasn’t impressed. Oops. Like I meant to do it on purpose!

* We celebrated mum’s birthday at the start of the month.

* Also decorated the house for Christmas.

* Had to redecorate some of the house after a pipe in the loft burst and soaked our hallways and stairs.

* I’m still unemployed despite plenty of applications.

* I’m not arguing about my lack of employment too much as I’ve been heaps busy with Christmas and general life things in the mean time.

* I still need to complete my computer course.

* And my driver’s licence.

* I haven’t started my computer course because I’m in the middle of applying for funding. To get the funding I can’t start it.

* I haven’t started re-learning how to drive because I don’t have any money to apply for another provisional licence.

* My last provisional was stolen.

* My life feels like a vicious circle at the moment… can’t graduate without the computer course, most social work jobs want a driver’s licence, I have no money to pay for a driver’s licence… ahhhh.

* I’m excited about Christmas.

* Josiah Potter is spending Christmas with us.

* Laura… aka Mrs Potter to be… is excited.

* No they’re not engaged.

* According to Facebook they are still “it’s complicated”.

* I need to think through my life after Christmas.

* I also have a million projects to work on in the coming weeks.

* I intend to leave England in 8 months to go to Australia for a year, then America for two years. At this moment in time I can’t really expand on this information. But it’s all exciting stuff.

 * I’m still hurting over Mike.

* I like this version of “Sweet Dreams” by Beyonce… start it at 0.48 seconds :)… I like the voices on these girls too…