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So I made it to Scarborough in Western Australia. Have no idea why but the flight seemed to take FOREVER. I was up at 5am, at the airport by 7am and flew 8.20am-ish. I arrived about 40 minutes a head of schedule at 11.20am local time and therefore my flight was only 6 hours but still… Got to watch “The Joneses” and “Robin Hood“. Gotta say, Robin Hood confused me.

Anyways the driver taking me to Bethia’s was a bit confused as to where he was going and so I got a bit of a tour of Scarborough. That was actually pretty cool! It was 30 degrees here and blue blue blue skies but I was too tired to even consider walking down to the beach. Instead I sat outside for an hour reading and then came indoors to try and snooze. Suddenly I couldn’t sleep. Grrr. Bethia came home from work at 8pm and it was soooo cool to see her!! So weird seeing her in her home land and off the ship!

I didn’t feel too tired last night but I nodded off pretty quickly. This morning I went for a walk along the beach. I’m pretty excited to find out there’s a walk and bike route that’s 40 kilometers long! I might be ambitious and walk to Fremantle one morning. This morning I walked from Scarborough Beach to North Beach and back. I love walking just where the water meets the sand. It feels so nice on your toes! Haha! I got to speak to the family also before they flew this afternoon which was also pretty awesome.

Okies… Bethia’s home now. Will write more soon!

Final Post…


My final blog for Brisbane!! Yes I know I have much to update you on. But I think it’s going to be simple to say it’s been a blast… but I’m not going to have time to write everything.

We’ve spent a fair amount of time with family and friends… in fact. I have not had a single day to myself in months now. It’s been incredible. I’m sure when I get home I’ll have more time to go back and fill the gaps on this holiday. God has been so kind to me.

Our last Sunday at church we were given a painting of Mike and we were each prophesied over. Needless to say it was intense and very emotional.

Tomorrow morning I fly five and a half hours to Perth where I shall be spending just under three weeks there. I found out I’m a club member and can take 33kg!! Haha… my suitcase is so full at 23kg I have no idea what else I could possible put in there! Anyways, I’ll be reunited with Bethia and Fitzy during my time in Perth, along with other family friends, friends, and friends of friends. I’m really excited. The weather here is Brisbane has been sooooo disappointing and I’m praying for epic weather over there!

I must go, I need to get to bed! But I’ll write as and when I can!



Laura and I have been uploading videos from MTO this years and we’ve had a right laugh doing so. For sure this year’s theme song was “Forever” by Chris Brown. Not sure why… was just catchy. I knew this song from years ago… but tonight as I was watching the videos and listening to the song… I couldn’t help but focus on one line.

What a beautiful lady, no ifs, ands, or maybes. I’m releasing my heart and it’s feeling amazing. There’s no one else that matters. You love me, and I wont let you fall girl…”

I know I’m not alone when I write this but sometimes it occurs to me that I have a deep longing in my heart to find this statement in my own life. A real man that will never let me fall. It frustrates me that I never focus my attention long enough on God to witness this completely as I know for sure he can offer me exactly this. A deep longing accompanied by a pain that I’m too lazy, ignorant and shallow to follow through whole heartedly into a passionate affair with the ultimate guy around. Considering he’s sitting by my side at all times… it makes it worse. It’s so easy to think of God as so far away. Ready to strike the next wrong thing I do. Planning the next challenge for me to experience. Why can I not cement it in my mind and heart that he is everything I am looking for. Would it be easier if he was here in person? Maybe. But then again, maybe not. I just know I feel like I’m wasting my time here on Earth and missing out on so much that I would never know about. What will it take for that to change?

Time to get Married!


Where am I? Well… I’m in Toowoomba, hanging out at my Auntie’s for the day and I decided to blog. It’s been a while since I have regarding my thoughts on something! So I’m gonna tell you all about me getting married!

Am I getting married… no. Haha. Not yet. Am I engaged. Not yet. Do I even have a guy… nope. So why am I talking about getting married? Well… it seems like everyone is at the moment. When I finished my degree one person asked me what’s next and so I answered “Get married and become a baby making machine“. I was joking. I’m pro-marriage. For sure. But I am so not in a hurry to get married. I’ve never been one to say “Oh I long for the day to get married and have a husband and have a house and have kids!!” In fact, I come off as a “strong independent woman” according to some! Yeah right! If you really know me you will know that I’m not! But marriage at the moment just doesn’t have a massive wow factor to me. Why? Ah… now you’ve asked the million dollar question.

Amongst my friendships with guys and girls I have noticed that no one take be taken for face value. In fact, I have been friends with some for months if not years and then when something happens that forces them to show their character I see things that are just not that great. I know we’re human. But I find it amazing how so many people jump so quickly into a relationship with a guy or lady without actually checking out their character in massively in-depth ways. I know that’s hard to do… no one walks around with the things we need to know tattooed on the foreheads. But that’s my reason for not jumping on the bandwagon of marriage, or exclusive relationships.

Character comes with experience and experience often comes with time. Forever we are working on our values, personalities and beliefs. I have come to the conclusion that what I look for in a guy is simply:

A. Does he’s value system aim to live fully sold out for God.

B. Does this guy demonstrate to me that he would support me in every area of my life and empower me to fulfil my dreams/calling.

C. Are we compatible in our likes, dislikes, life goals, ambitions, values, beliefs…

D. Can I trust him with decisions, do they reflect wisdom and godly principles.

E. Does he love me for who I am and who I am becoming.

…Actually… that’s not a very simple list. What I’ve written takes time to work out with a guy… hence the reason for not jumping into a relationship just because he likes me, has a good personality, or is flippin HOT! It actually annoys me a little when people say to me “Oh don’t worry I’m sure someone will come along.” It makes me sound like there’s something wrong with me or the situation. There’s nothing wrong! I’m just waiting for an awesome guy because I refuse to settle for less in life. Plus… I’m a ten cow woman thank you very much!! So there you go… some thoughts on me and marriage! 😀

The Story of the Five Cow Woman

Once a upon a time, somewhere in Africa, there was a father who had two daughters. In his culture when a woman gets married the family receives cows in value of the daughter’s worth. The more cows received the more valuable and worthy the daughter is. One of his daughters, the oldest, was incredibly beautiful and the villages raved about how she was worth the ultimate number of cows. Five. However the other daughter, the youngest, paled in the shadow of her sister and was only worth very little. One day, a man proposed to the younger daughter and the father, when asked how much the man had to pay for her, the father only asked for one cow. So one cow he received and off the youngest daughter went to the city with her new husband. Several years passed and the youngest daughter went home to visit her family. Her father could not believe how beautiful, intelligent and skilful she became during that time. He just didn’t understand how or why she changed so much until his youngest daughter explained to him, “Father, he has always treated me as a five cow woman, and so I have become a five cow woman.”

A New Chapter!


As I write this I can see the little red square with a digit in the centre increasing slowly but surely as people comment or “like” my Facebook status. For lo and behold it reads, “… I have passed, I have a degree.”

Less than 40 minutes I go I checked my emails to discover I have finally passed everything for university. What a LONG journey it has been. Painful, disappointing, sweat, and tears are definitely words that come to mind. But for certain God’s grace, faithfulness, love, and strength without a doubt has written the past four years and carried me through.

I am so excited to finally receive this news… which is a pleasant surprise in itself as I thought I would just be quietly pleased. So to be excited is a greater feeling than just “Oh I managed to get there eventually” and I’m so happy to be feeling excited! Through God I can say I did it well and feel  JOY and HAPPINESS over it all! What a privilege and isn’t God so good!

I really must go to bed. But I just wanted to blog a massive thank you to God and to you all who have walked this journey with me in every way.

Surfer’s Paradise & Magic Mountain!


So Tuesday we chilled during the morning. I can’t actually remember what we did but in the afternoon dad and I went back to Sea World where we enjoyed one of the rides a number of times. Once the park was closed dad and I went to a spit near by and took photos of the sunset over the water. Tuesday evening mum and dad went out and left me and Laura on our own. We watched Over Her Body and the Mummy which was a right laugh. I had a good evening!

Wednesday we hung out with Royree and her husband in the morning, checked out Movie World in the afternoon, and headed into Surfer’s for the evening. Thursday dad and I went for a walk along the beach in the morning and then we all chilled out by the pool before heading to the shopping mall to walk around in the late afternoon.  I got an epic suntan… after being burnt first. The sun was pretty deceptive that day. Thursday we went to Wet and Wild which was immense! I loved it! I think my favorite ride ever is there and it was certainly a work out going up the stairs all day for the slides. Friday we had a bit of a chill day and Auntie Sue came over for a BBQ with her man.

It was a good week of fun, alone time, family time, and sun tanning. It was a bit weird not having internet and I didn’t have anything to do, not even a book to read. So whilst Laura was doing school work and mum/dad working on emails I was a bit lost haha.

Dad and I had a good talk on our beach walk about the future. I think what’s becoming more clear to me is I’ll be taking a bit of a gap year these coming 12 months, maybe even next two years. I have a couple projects I want to work on during that time i.e. complete the computer course for university, get my driver’s license, sort out an MTO reunion, work on the Michael Knight Trust, and write my story. Along with some other things.

Working isn’t a priority the next two months as I have to concentrate on my computer course which will take at least that long. So whilst I’m doing that I’m going to limit myself to a weekend job at most. Also, I’m considering going against society’s attitude that I must go into full time employment otherwise I’m being lazy. Why? Because I really feel it’s important for me to have a period of time where things are less hectic than what it has been. It’s been a long four years and space is exactly what I need. Also I may not ever get another opportunity where I can enjoy life with no commitments for a bit.

During this so called gap year and for the longer term I have some ideas also. One includes going to India and Cambodia for a couple months to explore the creation of social support and economic structures. Looking at the social work model in the context of these countries, how to train up citizens to support others around them and what resources are needed to do this. Also, what role could OM play in this. I guess it’d be a mini project and whilst I’ve written a clue of what I may do over there… it’s really unclear. We would really need to think this through and work on the line up for it. But that’s one thought.

Another thought is to go to Moody in Chicago to get my masters in counseling. Whilst both of these ideas are exciting I already know I will be challenged in so many areas of my life, so it’s a bit daunting at the same time. These are just ideas for now; but I’m really excited about the possibilities God could give me and where He will lead me. Who knows where He will lead me haha. Anyways… we shall see.

Hello From 4400 Feet!


Monday the 30th started off at 4am. After a sleepy shower, Laura and I tried to work out what of the summer clothes we brought would keep us warm at 4000 feet. We decided on wearing three tops, two coats and a long pair of jeans. At about 4.20am we all drove back to Canungra which only took about 35 minutes. Canungra is the smallest place I have ever come across ever yet somehow we found a bakery that opened at 4.30am every day of the week! So in we went for coffee and freshly made donuts.

Nanna, Auntie Lorna and Uncle Bill meet us at the tourist information point where the bus picked us all up at 5.20am. Being a group of eight people we were the largest group on the 20 seat bus. Our guide, Pete, was cracking jokes with dad as he explained the morning’s events and put on the induction video on how to fly in a hot air balloon. The other eight people on the bus were fairly moody. I guess they weren’t morning people. But you’d think they would be having a good old crack with one another as you don’t fly in a hot air balloon often!

Anyways we drove out to another smaller town that mainly consisted of farm land. When we arrived at the hot air balloon I think the first thing we noticed was how loud the fire was! It was really funny actually because we all had to climb into the basket on our own without any help for safety reasons; which was fine for most of us apart from Nanna. It must have been about 4 feet high and poor Nanna had to kind of be shoved in when the pilot wasn’t looking.

Once we were in the basket we discovered the heat from the fire was so hot it felt like our head were being burned. Laura and I ended up not needing the final two layers of coats. It was the perfect morning for a hot air balloon ride. As we set off the sun was coming up and the visual clarity was amazing! It was a little scary for some of our group because we reached 4400 feet at our highest. I thought it was amazing because it didn’t look like we were that far off the ground. You could still see a lot. Our balloon was one of two of the biggest balloons in Australia. But also it was pretty cool to discover the different air channels. At 4400 feet we weren’t moving, just hovering, but at 3000 feet we were speeding along by the wind. I think it was extra special for Nanna and I’m glad she was able to join us. Our landing was sooooo smooth!! We couldn’t believe it!

After our ride we had to help pack up which was a lot of fun and after that we hitched a ride on the trailer to the bus. I felt like a right Aussie farmer haha. The bus then took us onto O’Reilly’s Vineyard where we enjoyed a cold and cooked breakfast with champagne. At one point Dad was bought a birthday cake on the house which I thought was hysterical as his birthday was a week ago by this point! After breakfast dad and I did a little wine tasting, bought two bottles of wine, and got back on the bus. When we hit Carungra at 9.55am I had to smile at how much we did before 10am in the morning.

Soon it was just the immediate family and auntie Sue so whilst we were close to Mount Tambourine we decided to show auntie Sue where mum went over the cliff at 19 and survived. From Mount Tambourine the immediate family went back to Magic Mountain.

The rest of the day was spent with me and Laura attempting to chill by the pool but it quickly became overcast so instead we went off to Sea World to put our new passes to use. Sea World changed a lot since we were last there eight years ago. More animals, new rides, and old rides gone. There was one ride that was actually a water slide which has a great Mikey memory to it however it wasn’t there any more. Mum found it really sad but I was happy as we couldn’t write new memories over the old memories so to speak.

After chips for dinner and attempting to watch X Factor we all went to bed pretty early.