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So my journey to Australia started the day after we got back from MTO (Holland). Saturday the 21st was complete with unpacking from camp, washing clothes, and repacking. Sunday we left at 3pm in the afternoon (British Summer Time) and I was still packing 30 mins before we left! But I was very happy as I packed 17 kg for 2 months!! Having said that I looked at my stuff yesterday and thought I could have packed even less… oh well.

Before we left for the airport dad, Esther and I went up to see Mike’s grave. It’s our first trip without him as a family outside the UK; as well as our first time back to Australia without him. His teddy came with us though ūüôā We arrived at Newcastle Airport around 4.30pm and flew down to London Heathrow. Whilst we were waiting at the gate dad turned to mum and tried to tell her he forgot his lip balm (he has a very bad split in his lip from a blister) … only he told her “Kathy I forgot my lipstick“. The two men in front of him turned around and gave him a weird look whilst me and Laura cracked up laughing at the whole thing.

At first we were really frustrated because all five of us (family plus Esther) were split up for the entire trip to Australia in regards to seating. However when we got to the Qantas¬†counter in Heathrow¬†to sort it all out. Not only did they manage to sit us all together… they booked out seats for dad’s birthday! This¬†ment dad and mum and a full row of four seats to themselves; and Laura, Esther¬†and I had a row of four seats to ourselves in front of them! Heathrow¬†airport wasn’t too exciting. Laura and I did shop at Harrods though which was exciting!! I felt rich and famous!

The trip from Heathrow¬†to Singapore¬†started at 10.05pm in the evening local time and was 11 hours 40 mins long. But it went ever so quick. Sadly because we were going forward in time it was night for the whole trip to Singapore. Everyone always wants to know about what movies were watched so here’s my answer, “Valentine’s Day” and “Shrek¬†Four“. Neither of were too exciting. The food was too exciting either. What was exciting was dad’s 50th party at 33,000 feet! We were given champagne by first class and we had a little party between us five. Laura¬†and I worked on a photo album for dad which was a mixture of photos and messages. He cried. Bless him. I also gave him the tie from Harrods. A Real Versace.¬†Or as dad goes, “a real Versace¬†tie to wear with my fake Versace shirt“. Haha. I really wanted to give him something fancy for his 50th as well as something deep and meaningful.

We were in Singapore¬†for a total of one hour… just enough time to get dad a laksa. Gross. Then off we were to Melbourne…¬†the flight was 6 hours 30 mins and again¬†it went pretty¬†quickly.¬†I finished watching Shrek¬†on the next flight and started watching “The Hot Tub Time Machine“… geeeez¬†I really knew how to pick them on these flights didn’t I! None of those films were really worth it. I didn’t finish of the Hot Tub one. Laura, Esther¬†and I worked out a system of who sleeps on whose shoulder during the two flights but Laura and I really didn’t get a lot of sleep on the trip to Melbourne. We were too busy having deep and meaningful conversations.

Finally we landed in Melbourne and went to Macdonald’s¬†for breakfast. By the time I got to Adelaide¬†I had a total of four breakfasts combined from the flights and airports…argh! I felt sick. It was at the airport that mum, dad and I started to notice how expensive Australia became! $75 for a boomerang!! Stuff that I’ll make one! That’s 43 English pounds!!! Actually it was pretty funny in Melbourne airport because Esther and I had a thing of beating each other up which got slightly out of hand and caused people to look and question my age haha… oops.

Finally we got on the flight to Adelaide which was only 1 hour 30 min but it was now 6am local time on TUESDAY¬†and we had been travelling 30 odd hours through 8 different time zones on 3 different planes… just about to get on our 4th. Finally we arrive into Adelaide 8am local time where Mike and Ann Hey (Esther’s¬†parents) saw me beating Esther over the head with a pillow (smooooooth) and it was 12 degrees C!!! Argh!!! Laura¬†and I have colds now as I’m writing this. Whoever said Australia has warmer winters than our summers is lying… I’ve been frozen since I got here! Haha. Thankfully all our bags made it also and actually it was cool to be on land again ūüôā

More to write soon!!


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