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Must Blog!!


OK… if I don’t write now then it’s just not going to happen!

Update… well, Monday and Tuesday 2nd/3rd I spent doing school work. A Friend of Fitzy’s came to visit on Wednesday 4th and we did a mad tour of Cumbria. Laura came back on the 5th so after Sarah left I had a major catch up with Laura and she told me all about Teenstreet. Friday I finished my school work. Saturday 7th I started packing for Holland and Australia… Oh and I went shopping. That was amazing! I was SO happy with my bargains! Sunday 8th we picked up Esther at the airport and kept her awake by shopping. Monday and today (Tuesday) has been filled with shopping, packing, chores, posting things and much much more…

Dad’s going to India on the 20th of October. It’s a long story so the best would be for you to read it here … “Would you sponsor me?” Anyways, I said I would love to go also… I’ve never been to India and the team they’re going with is just amazing with an awesome ministry vision. But I’ve been plagued with doubt about money… not so much whether God would provide… but how to ask people to support me. Funny isn’t it. I’m forever learning stuff about myself. I’m shy in asking for support.

Tomorrow night I travel to MTO where I’ll be for a week. Would love for you guys to pray for me. Just that I would be able to support others in their journey of life however God intends for me to do so. MTO is a missionary teens camp that the young people from OM come to each year. This year will be my 10th… I feel so old haha. But I would love to meet with God and support others… so yea. That’d be sweet if you could please remember me in your prayers 🙂

My birthday will be at MTO again this year. I’ve bought myself balloons, streamers, and all sorts of party bits and pieces… Okies so I’m turning 22 but I still want a party!! Haha.

We arrive back really late on the 20th and we have one full day before leaving for Australia on the 22nd. Very excited. Would love for you all to pray heaps for me on this trip because I’m going to be really trying to find God’s direction for me during these next two months in terms of the future… don’t worry I’ll keep blogging as I’m travelling so I can keep you all posted 🙂 Oh and on that note whilst I remember, I finished my school work on Friday 😀 All done people!! PLEASE pray I pass!!

Anyways, this is a pretty lame post to leave it at as considering I haven’t written in a while. But I must dash… I probs won’t write before leaving for Holland but yea… I’ll be sure to email once I get back 🙂