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Archive for April 30, 2010

The Voyage


Ahhhh… how I miss the voyage from Cork to the Caribbean… we had such a brilliant time didn’t we guys… ahhh the waves of nostalgia… the fun, the people, the memories… I would love to go back and sit with Fitz on deck 9 by the funnel; sleep under the stars with Esther; skip work with Sara and play pranks; watch Coon play basketball; watch the ocean with Adelaide and Kelsey; eat bbq’s with the ships company; play poker with Benji; play bingo in the staff lounge … too many memories to list… I miss everyone



Risk it All…


I’m loving the song “If my Heart was a House” by Owl City at the moment… especially the line that says…

“Risk it all cause I’ll catch you if you fall wherever you go…”

I’m starting to realise I think we all get so consumed with life… are the bills being paid, am I taking the right courses at school, what will I do in the future?? At the same time… I think we can get so consumed with trying to do the right thing before God. Which in’t necessarily a bad thing.. but in both these situations… whether it’s life or trying to please God… it’s so easy to forget to have fun! God can work with anything so pick the courses at school and university that you enjoy, God can help you pay the bills so don’t fear missions work… dream! live! have fun! think about what you really wanna do in life and GO FOR IT! who said you have to hav a 9-5 job? who said you have to get married at this age? I think life gets way too serious and people need to just live! we are blessed enough to be in a position to have the freedom of what we do… so don’t settle for seconds in life! find passion! and always remember that if you’ really seeking God… you can live on the edge and not fear the unknown you know!! Because it’s in the unknown that you will and security and answers. Just like the song goes… Risk it all!!! Do it! God will catch you if you fall… go for the missions work, live in africa, do the courses you feel a desire for… just do it! God CAN work with anything! Also… life would be a pretty sweet adventure haha… growth, motivation, understanding, experience, character.. why do so few people chose this path?! So for all those that wanna live a unnormal or radical life style but are contemplating it… GO FOR IT! you wont regret it… trust me! 🙂