Step Into My World…

God – The Hot Man!!


Ok firstly, I’ve been looking at photos of my cousin’s baby girl and I’ve just bought a dress for a friend’s wedding and I’m like “ARGH!!! DAY DREAMS!” … One day Aki… One day Haha! P.S. My dress is pink, and I don’t usually wear pink but I thought I want to look like a princess! I know you’re not suppose to steal the lime light from the bride and I won’t (haha). But I do have a thing about needing to be a little princess at the moment. Must have something to do with the break up Lol.

Anyways… I was feeling a tad bit sorry for myself last night and I was listening to Jay Sean and Craig David. I confess… I so totally have a thing for Craig David haha (I’m such a Saddo!). Anyways, and I was thinking to myself “This is so bloody lame. How come I can’t have a guy that sings all these sweet songs to me“. I know, can things get any more sloppy and cringe-like Akila?? But it suddenly hit me…. “Wait a minute!!” Doesn’t it say God sings to us? Well… that to me just sounds tragic when i hear things like that in the bible. I mean God’s the “Father” right? So I’ve got an old dude singing love songs to me. ARGH! But I realised… isn’t part of God’s character like “motherly”? Isn’t He like a warrior not to be crossed as well as your loveable best friend from next door kind of person? Who said God couldn’t be the really HOT guy?!

It makes so much sense to me now! He says he whats an intimate relationship with me and well… that kind of sounds a bit perverted in my mind. God is God… the old guy sitting on the cloud…almost like your jolly old grandfather type… “intimate” relationship sounds so wrong! But I never thought of God as a guy, who has a massive desire to love me, he chases me all day every day, never mind sending me a bunch of flowers… he sends me fields of them, he doesn’t watch the sunrise with me … he gives me the sunrise… When I start to think of God as a guy, close to my age, who is madly in love with me… it all catches my attention! All day I’ve actually been excited to spend time with him… cos he is now so much more than the father waiting to give you your dinner when you walk in from home/school and ask how your day has been.

Before it sounded weird saying “god wants to be your lover” cos it’s like “errrrrrr ok????” but now I’m like I cannot wait to get home and listen to my music cos I seriously feel like God is singing all these amazing lyrics to me… he’s on the stage, I’m in the crowd, the only lights on are on the stage, but no… he knows where I am, he’s looking straight at me… and he is belting the tunes out! Guys, the bible is always known as God’s “love letter” to us… which sounds like “awww sweet dad sent me a letter” and the novelty wears off because reading you’re parents emails are more of a mission than fun!…

But do you remember how amazing you felt during the “honeymoon” period of your relationship? how you were so excited to get an email from the one you liked? When you saw them you heart skipped a beat? when they paid you a compliment you thought your life will never be the same again… with God it’s so much better cos the novelty doesn’t wear off! I hope my life is never the same again now I’ve realised God is in fact a guy… with very real feelings… who just wants to live my life with me and make me feel like a princess… I hope I learn God is just like any other relationship where you spend all night with each other talking, snuggling, going for walks in the park, putting important things off in life cos you just wanna hang out with them, showing them off to all your friends and family…


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