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Archive for April 26, 2010

As it Hits Evening…


Why is it that around the time the day turns to evening people get sad? I know it’s the time of the day where you’re thoughts slow down but don’t you think it’s interesting? What is it that makes people so sad and lonely and focus on their problems? Is it the weather? Does the day turning to-night have an effect? Is it that work is over, the shops are closed, dinner has been cooked and now we’re twiddling our thumbs waiting for a friend to come on Facebook so we can escape the prison of our minds and emotions? It’s so weird… what has actually changed in my life? Well, not much… really if I think about it. So why do I feel like my world has been rocked a little? Amazing how deep emotion can go…

But all in all… I think it’s been a good day. I paid off a good chunk of university debt, I discovered I like wearing red nail vanish cos it makes me feel cool haha… and I found out that I’m travelling with Esther to Adelaide! That will be a fun plane journey! Lol! I also tried to do school work but didn’t get very far… my brain can’t really focus on writing essays… but I think I’m gonna attempt to get an early night and get up a couple of hours early to finish off this section of writing that has just been a massive mission to write!

The World is My Oyster


So, I’ve been thinking on a question a friend of mine asked me some weeks ago which was, “Akila, you know what you wanna do, but who said you need to do it in England?” I’m fast coming to the end of university and I automatically assumed I would live my with parents afterwards and pay off the debt (Hurray!!) But, after some thinking I’ve realised that whilst that may be the wisest and most logical step forward… I’ve completely shut the door on God and any other possibilities without even exploring them. My sister said “Akila, you’re dreams don’t happen over night”… True, but who said I couldn’t do something that I actually wanna do? My focus before was on money. Which again, very logical, pay off the debt you owe… but if there was a way to pay off the debt and still start on the path I feel God is calling me then for sure! All doors are opened for exploration! So I’ve been thinking what is it that I wanna do? And this is where you all reading this can help me out!

What I wanna do is learn my bible; learn how to speak to like crowds or at conferences or churches or whatever; get further training in counselling; work with youth… Some have suggested go to bible college, some have suggested church internship… I haven’t a clue what is a good way forward. What are my options? Is there a way I could get full-time time training in these areas but still have money coming in to pay off university? What’s out there? What am I looking for? I’ve been praying about it and have asked a few people for advice… but now I’m widening the horizons and asking you all too. I love people, I love youth, I love helping people, encouraging people, listening and talking… somehow I just feel like this kinda thing would really fit well for me, I would love it if God could use some of the things I’ve experienced to shape me and help others facing similar things in life… I’ll have my degree in Social Work which has given me a foundation but now I wanna go specific and into more ministry… So! Any thoughts anyone has I’d love to hear!