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Ahhh… you have all bombed me with love and questions… how I hate it but at the same time somewhat grateful. So in response to everyone’s comments and thoughts etc….As some of you saw on Facebook in the past two days, I’m no longer in a relationship with Fitzy. Unlike what some of you thought, it is definitely NOT a joke. I have thought through many things in the past 36 hours… But I think I’ve come to realise a few things for the time being… One of these things is I don’t really have anything to say right now. I know you want the juicy details but please don’t ask me for them. Please don’t ask me how I am either for now. Be there for me, pray for me, encourage me, talk to me… but don’t ask me how I am. That question right now, I wouldn’t know where to begin to explain how I am. Don’t worry, if you do ask I won’t bite haha… but how I am is too painful to share right now. Thank you everyone for all the support though, really do appreciate it 🙂