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Christmas 2009 was certainly an experience!

We woke at 8.30am, opened a couple presents, got ready for the day/ate breakfast/went to church, after church we went up to visit Mike’s Grave (It was a surprise to see how busy the Cemetary was! Makes total sense but we had never thought of that before now), went home/put the Christmas dinner in the oven/opened more presents, ate our Dinner, opened more presents, watched a movie, opened more presents… and we finally stopped opening presents at about 7.30pm?! Talk about talking our time!

It’s been an interesting day… I’m sure many of you experience similar experiences of Christmas… what a build up, then the day is over! Haha.

Laura shared a really sweet story with me last night before we went to bed. She told me she had a dream about Mike and it was the first time she dreamt of him.

“I was walking along our road to meet my friends, and Mike was with me. We got to the place I always meet my friends, where Saint Michael’s Church is on the right, and the park is on the left. I stopped to wait for my friends, but Mike kept walking down the road. I called out ‘I love you Mike’ … but he didn’t stop… He then turned back and called, ‘I love you too’… and continued on with his journey.”