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I’m always amazed that people read my blog… I’m even more amazed that people find encouragement from God through God kindly using my blog. What I’m most amazed by though, is this…

So many times I never know what to write. Dad bought me this blog as a gift for Valentine’s Day and I waited 8 months before using it. I’m one of these people who would LOVE to be able to keep a diary, but I don’t have the patience or the discipline. But when I do write on this blog, usually it’s just something I’ve been thinking about… I write purely for me. Yet somehow, God seems to use these things as seeds that have been planted, and when someone reads the blog, well, they get something out of it.

I’m no special exception, my family together, all the time we’re told we’re an inspiration particularly in light of Mike’s death… but why?! We’re not behaving in any special way! We’re just being our normal human selves! But I don’t want to discard these comments completely because I’m not an outsider looking at myself or my family.

Dad and I talked a bit about this… and we think EVERYTHING about our lives at the moment is a choice. Since Mike died we have had to face many “firsts” in life. The first christmas without him, the first birthday without him, buying his favourite food without him, deleting his email from our family distribution lists… we are 100% learning to live again differently. Each of this little daily situations can either be funerals or celebrations… we have a choice. We can make the most out of the situation or we can curl up in a ball. But again, we are no different, each of us, along with the rest of the human race, is faced with a choice every second of every day.

Planting seeds for God is a choice too… but I think in many ways, it’s a less obvious than “shall I go to the toilet or wait til my bladder bursts”. But heres the thing… planting seeds for God, is far more important than many of the decisions we face each day. So why are we so shallow and superficial in this area? I am realising more and more, God only needs you to do the littlest of things, like write a blog, talk to a friend, go out your way one day for a neighbour, and He can make it so much more out of it than you realise… why does this not radically change our behaviour?