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A small update on life!


Just wanted to give you a small update on life!

Mike Trust – We have kindly been giving financial donations, a Gibson Les Paul 1960 Classic guitar, a saxophone, and promises of more… We are SO blown away by people’s kindness. May I humbly continue to ask for you to (i) Bless the lives of people who would like to be educated in the art of music so they too can share their passions and led worship, and (ii) Bless churches and other Christian institutions in third world and developing countries who have limited musical instruments for their worship groups. How can you bless them? The three keys ways you can help is to give financially to the trust, pray, and raise the publicity levels! Laura and I are also going to work on a promotional video for the Trust too.

University – Well, the last lecture for my course is on thursday! The end of this long period of life is coming to an end! But I still have a lot of work to do. So I’m trying to crack on with that!

Placement – there are still some finer details to be ironed out. So I would greatly appreciate your prayers on that!

Where is Akila these days?! – Well, I’m contracted to the property in Leicester for an academic year, however, I’m coming to Carlisle for two months and then onto london for 5 months. So I’m looking to replace my tenancy. I’ve had small interest, and the land lord has a viewing on Wednesday… so I’m praying and trusting god! But please join me in prayer because that would be an incredible release for me financially. Currently wherever I stay in London I will have to ask that my board is for free, however this release might mean I can contribute a tiny something towards the persons kindness for putting up with me!

Christmas and life in general – Since Mike died it’s almost like people have been holding their breaths while they watch my family and I go through this time in our lives, especially the lead up to christmas. I wondered what it would be like without Mike but in all honesty, we’re going to be ok. Dad and I have had many chats on this and like he said, we’re sad and we’re hurting REGARDLESS of what day it is! Why will Christmas be any different. I think there are two reasons why christmas will not be a struggle without mike. 1 christmas is about the birth of Jesus, it’s a time to come together with loved ones and celebrate his birth and our purpose in life. we have a CHOICE to either curl up and ball our eyes out (snot and the lot), or remember the very essence of christmas. We can still make it fun! Painful, hard, sad… yes… but genuinely, mask free, still being 100% honest and real, do-able. 2 The prayers and encouragement of you all. Dad put it very well the other day, we feel like we’ve been riding on the wave of your prayers. None of this has been in our strength and in many ways, I WILL argue, Mike’s death as almost been easy… How could I possibly say that?! Because of the Grace, Love and Kindness we have been showered from both you all and God as you guys have picked me and my family up and walked with journey with us.

My Man – Ahhhh only 44 days to go! Then he will be in England for a couple weeks! It will have been 121 days since I last saw him and I’m super excited! Laura found out what he sent me for christmas and cried?! I asked if it was a ring?! HAHA… Well! I couldn’t work out why she reacted the way she did! Anyways, phone lines have been RUBBISH for the past 6 weeks so we haven’t spoken on the phone for over 6 weeks now! I’m certainly looking forward to them leaving Guyana and going onto Netherlands Antilles (Beautiful Island in the Caribbean) so we have a wicked chat!!!!