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Archive for December 12, 2009

Shattered Dreams…


Books – I’m reading a book called Shattered Dreams by Larry Crabb, you should read it, it’s pretty good!

Love – My sister is in love with Taylor Launter and is devistated he’s dating Taylor Swift… this is what she said to me “Akila!!! Taylor Lautner IS dating Talor Swift, I’m so GUTTED!!!!! But if they get married they’ll both be called Taylor Lautner!!! Which is SO stupid!!!! It should be Laura Launter…OH NO!!!! That’s EVEN worse!!!!!”

University – 2 more lectures and I’m done and moving back up to my folks for two months… the LONGEST I will have lived there in 4 years! I have two essays, one dissertation, one 80 day placement, one placement porfolio, and 7 modules for a computer course to complete in 9 months. My goal, before Fitz comes to England I want to have completed one essay, 3 computer modules and 1/2 my dissertation.

My man – Less than 7 weeks and I get to see him again! Will have been 120 days since I last saw him!

Other random news – I still have a whole bunch of Christmas shopping to do and I’ve been reorganising my room at my folks, first time in 4 years too!