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Giving Birth vs Kidney Stones

Hey Hey!

Last night around 2am I was rudely woken by an agonising pain in my left side. Unsure what to do first or what was going on, throw up or get in the bath and try and use hot water to ease the pain, I did the later, quickly giving up after 10 minutes and got my parents up.

Walking around was reduced to rolling around on the floor of the bathroom half in pain half trying to keep the vomit out my hair. I tried to make use of my time by praying for those with problems with their kidneys and for God to keep my friends and family safe. After a couple minutes I tried walking but every time I attempted it I would just be sick again!

2 hours later after all this, a trip to the emergency doctor, and 3 injections… I came home and went back to sleep. What did I learn from it? 1. If kidney stones is like giving birth, then giving birth is going to be a breeze! 2. I should never of eaten so much cheese on Friday according to Laura. and 3. Women can multi task even when in pain!