Step Into My World…

Authentic Faith…


Hmmmm, today has been a struggle. Some things are definitely out my control and are really upsetting. Crying your eyes out in front of your land lord is a pretty low point! Haha.

I wrote a quick email to my Man listing all the things that were upsetting me… I’m a list person!… and then I started to talk to a close friend on Facebook… sharing my sadness, uncertainty, confusion…

At the same time, I was listening to a message about “Authentic Faith”… and some of the things that jumped out to me was

Authentic Faith must be centred in who God is and who we are in Him… if our Faith is not grounded in a knowledge of who God is, then we are like what James says, ships on the sea. Moving by the power of the waves, the power of life…

I think its pretty clear to me that I get so overwhelmed by things in life. So confused. To be honest, it’s the odd occasion that I immediately go to God when I have a problem. I get so worried and so upset… and I totally forget God’s Glory and Power. I forget that He is MY Saviour! I forget He Loves me, Cares about me, and wants to Help me and Bless me. I think I rob God of so many powerful opportunities to talk to me, reveal His plans, His Power and He’s Goodness…

Where is my Faith planted? In all honesty… I think I plant my faith in myself far too much… and when it all hits the fan… which doesn’t take much doing when I’m planting the faith seeds in me… I struggle, and call it a day. This message that I was listening to was saying, that when we look to God, not only do we find Strength, but if we plant even one tiny seed of Faith in Him… the Bible tells us we can tell mountains to move, and they WILL.

So, I’m gonna go back to my place, I’m going to tell God everything, give it to Him, and watch Him help me. And when I start feeling over whelmed, upset, confused, hurt, unmotivated… I’m going to speak Truth into the situation, and rely on God. I hope I can write again soon sharing the sweet story of how God helped me out from today’s issues…


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