Step Into My World…

What a day!


Man, Alive! What a day it has been!

It started off with an awesome nights sleep from 9pm til 6.45am this morning, and I dunno about you, but my priorities seem to lie with checking in on my cyber life first thing in the morning… my Man emailed me to say he’s aim to come to England and see me in Nine weeks! Yes! Finally! It will have been four months by that point since we last saw each other!

Then I made an important phone call to find out about my final year placement and got some SWEET news FINALLY! Without it being 100%, some finer details are to be ironed out, it looks like I will be completing my placement in the UK’s most famous police station, Scotland Yard.

Then my lectures for the day got cancelled so I was able to focus on other pressing chores and my Dissertation…

Yet again I had to smile with how God works… when it all comes together, man does it take off! 🙂

“Know Me. Talk to Me. Let Me talk to you, so that I may make it clear to your loving heart what seems mysterious and purposeless” Inspired by Psalm 16:7


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