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Saying “Hi” to God…


Ok, here’s what I think a relationship with God is, “Waking up each morning, making the decision to fall in Love with your Best Friend”.

I think there is so much demand and pressure on us as Christians…read your bible, go to church, fellowship, bible study, feed the poor kids, worship…and whilst every one of those is very important… I think it’s easy to ignore the very¬†essence of God…Relationship.

God created us so we could be in a relationship with Him, and back then, in the garden, there was no bible, there was no church, it was only Adam and Eve and there were certainly no poor kids… It says God walked and talked with them. So, I think thats where it starts, waking up in the morning, and saying “Hi God, How are you”…it IS that simple and everything else WILL fall into place from there.

I had a big debate the other night with someone from university on whether Love was a “feeling” or an “action”…I think it’s both. It’s because you Love God you will naturally want to spend time reading the bible. It’s because you’re Listening to God, that you will be in tune with Compassion. It’s because you have allowed Him access to your Heart, that the Holy Spirit can lead you in Growth and Strength of Character,. It’s because you chose to Prioritize God with that first thought of the day, that He will open your eyes to His Power, Glory and Blessings…

It took a lot of baby steps for me to get to where I am in life, but it is so clear the difference in the type of day I have when I don’t say Hi to God… So that’s my challenge to you… Throw out the “to do list” and make it very simple, “Wake up each day chosing to fall in Love with your Best Friend.”

Special moments between my sister and her best friend

Special moments between my sister and her best friend