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I’m a Woman…what are you?!


Oh dear, I’ve neglected you all a bit haven’t I? Ooops! Don’t worry I’m back…

I have a boyfriend (My Man haha), and he’s AWESOME…as most of us would say about our partners. However, we’ve been going through sex education together. Now, I’m not talking about the physical act of sex. I’m talking about everything that makes a woman, and everything that makes a man, including, how/what/why we are so different to each other. Coming to think of it, I guess that’s going to include every subject under the sun…hmmm bring on the arguments (haha) !

I’m really enjoying it actually. But there have been some major frustrating moments, maybe for him more than me. Sometimes he asks me, “AKILA!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly?! How could you not see that?!” Well, not quite, that’s my interpretation haha. BUT, he does ask me that. Often once we discuss something I’m like “ooooohhh, that makes sense”. But even when it’s explained to me, a man to a woman, and though I can now see it from a guy’s point of view, I still don’t get it?! Many thing are still so native to my mind!

I once told him, “Honestly? I feel like a maths genius stuck in a science lab, told that if I don’t create the formula that’s going to save the world by the right moment, then I’m going to have the gun that’s pointing to my head explode!”

Hmmmm a little extreme of a statement? Not really! Maths and science have a little something in common, they both use numbers…men and women both have many things in common too. But how we look at the “numbers” in the situation, is usually very different, even when we’re looking at the exact same situation together. But, as a Christian, that leaves no room for mistake. It’s too dangerous to make a mistake. That’s why I feel like if I don’t get it right, like the science formula that will save the world, then that time bomb that explodes will leave very disastrous consequences in mine and his lives. And I hate that! Makes me feel lame and a sucky partner!

So what’s the answer? Grace, Honesty and ALOT of open communication (which by the way is AWESOME when it’s long distance!! Haha) I really like my Man, he’s got all those characteristics and he values them enough to practice them!