Step Into My World…

Do NOT turn your back on the window!


today’s been pretty average so i thought i’d tell you what happened to me yeserday…

my flat is, what i thought 30/40 feet high, well, it’s more like 60 feet…anways, i sat down in my nice comfy chair with my feet up to watch fresh prince…and after a little while i heard this strange noise…oh it must be next door vaccuming…but hang on, what’s this weird reflection in my laptop…wait, it’s moving!?…quick turn around?!…

you wouldn’t believe it, there were two random guys standing outside my window?! 60 feet up!!! dude no window and they would walked right in!!!

ok, so they were on a crane and they were going up to the roof, but hello?! what if i was getting changed!!!! it’ not like i could of ducked and hid on the floor….their view woulda got better the higher they went!!!!


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