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Archive for October 21, 2009


hey hey!!

today at university we were studing how to identify abuse…. physical, emotional, neglect and sexual.

man…it’s such a scary situation! how is it possibe to ever fight such a psycho element of our DNA? we’ve all been abused in some form and we all abuse…and it’s a shame we can’t identify those who are going to be serious abusers in our lives so we can avoid them and all the hurt they inflict…

it’s so scary to think of all the pain and hurt a person can go through because of my own and your own stupid, senseless, evil actions that could, can and does contribute to abuse…it’s scary to think how alone victims can feel; it’s scary to think the defenseless can’t stand up for themselves and get walked all over; it’s scary to think how ignorant society can be; it’s scary to think those who should believe don’t; it’s scary to think people LIE about abuse…victims have even less of a chance to be “heard and believed”; it’s scary to think that even with evidence authority turns a blind eye; it’s scary to think someone could end their life because of what you said or did; it’s scary to think that victims often reflect their own abuse on their children; it’s scary to think this battle is being lost….

Challenge – treat people the way you wanna be treated, and stand up against abuse!