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Hey Hey!!

Happy Feet and Casting Crowns have invaded my mind alot recently! I’ve been thinking alot about my “Lifesong”, particularly “…may the words I say, and the things I do, make my lifesong sing, bring a smile to you…”

If I asked you what the world’s greatest weapon was, what would you say? I’d say Sex. But you know what I think the world’s greatest secret weapon, one that doesn’t get talked about nearly as much as sex does…Grace. Man, after playing those words to that Casting Crowns song over and over in my mind for the last week or so, with the faithful images of Happy Feet tap dancing across my brain…I have realised more than ever, the power of Grace and within that, Mercy, Kindness and Generosity. What a difference it makes me feel when a random stranger smiles at me, when a friend acknowledges me, when my family forgive me, when a loved one blesses me…what a difference it makes to be hugged, kissed, to hear kind and loving words, to see a kind a thoughtful action…it suprises me alot to hear people complain about this world, when honestly, start practicing a little more Grace in your life and really think about the things you do or say, and the power of change lies with you. And what if they don’t deserve it? Well isn’t that what Grace is? There’s a fine line between reality and candy floss land, but Grace should never be compromised in your life. My challenge to you is have a think about your “Lifesong” and start/continue developing Grace in your life…Trust me, it’ll be worth it!

“Smile and the whole world will smile back.” Laura Knight.


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  1. well done, keep it up.

    October 19, 2009 at 3:37 pm

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